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Metro International: “I beliebe in love”

I love bieber

Metro International decided to launch an ambitious campaign for Valentine’s Day with us title: “I beliebe in love“, that far from being a misspelling, is a word play in honor of the fans of Justin Bieber, “the beliebers” (Believe + Bieber ). They chose our Cool Promo White Label and started up on 14 February. The contest lasted two weeks and was very successful participation. On February 28, the contest finished with the following figures…

Results from Metro Campaign

Cool Tabs provided us a perfect competition platform to generate a complex global project via social media surrounding our partnership with Justin Bieber. Easy to use and with a great support team to guide us throughout the process, cool tabs supported us to reach over 700k visits  and 6600 particpants in just 2 weeks. This campaign was build in a record 3 weeks and thanks to Cool Tabs ready made solution, we were able to insure maximum efficiency and conversion rate.  

Jeremy Bryant
Vicepresident, Global Commercial, Marketing and Logistics Director
Metro International

Keys to success of Metro

The campaign “I beliebe in love was created in just three weeks, which is really short for an international campaign. Why did it get so good figures?

They thought a good prize, something that really move people to participate. Obviously the chances of Metro International are not the same as those of any company, but think of a good prize is important when making a contest.

They thought about their audience: If Justin Bieber is the prize, an international idol of teens, who also turns out to be the most followed person on social networks (he has 35 million followers on Twitter and 52 on Facebook), what better than launch the contest on Facebook to get the audience interested. The contest was inserted into the global Facebook page of Metro and was redirected to the local pages to achieve greater local impact. This idea of Metro campaign can be done in several ways with Cool Tabs, for example, inserting the same contest in different fan pages for the same price.

– A simple contest: What does it mean for “beliebers” upload a picture of where they would like to have a date with Justin? The photo could be the beach, London, a nice restaurant,… Probably everyone has a photo of their favorite place and probably many people choose their favorite place to take Justin on a date, so the contest was really very easy. Among the entrants, a jury had to choose between the 50 most voted and, to give you an idea, the winner had more than 9,000 votes and 5,000 likes.

Diffusion and tone appropriate to the audience: They included the campaign in the newspaper with an overwhelming success, but their promotional marketing focused on social media: They created ads that led to the contest and #tags to maximize their impact, both global and local Facebook pages were Bieber-branded, and pushed the news to Bieber fan pages, choosing the right tone to connect with the audience.


In conclusion, the success of the campaign “I beliebe in love” was not accidental, the most important details were considered for their Cool Promo White Label come to fruition.  We have collected some of the fundamental keys to success in your Facebook promotions. Check our practical guide to optimise the effectiveness of your Facebook promotions.

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