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Monitor hashtags, keywords and user mentions on Twitter with Page Performance

Monitor hashtags, mentions and keywords on Twitter

Monitor hashtags, mentions and keywords on Twitter

We know what you’re thinking! Our statistics and reporting service, Page Performance, has, until now, been focused solely on Facebook and Instagram, so how was it not going to evolve to include Twitter? And of course, you’re right. You saw us coming from miles away! From now on you can analyse hashtags, specific keywords and user mentions with our usual statistics service and get a report with information regarding all tweets in Excel and/or the results of the analysis (including charts) in PDF.

What Twitter statistics and data does Page Performance give you?

As we have mentioned, with Page Performance for Twitter right now you can analyse hashtags, keywords and user mentions. What data and what information can you get from this analysis?

  • You can analyse a specific time frame, setting specific start and end dates: You should take into account that we only collect and analyse data for tweets for that are no more than 7 days old. If you need a report that includes older tweets, you can contact us to discuss your requirements.


  • Daily number of tweets and retweets: Chart showing tweets and retweets that were made containing that specific hashtag, word or mentioning that user for each day during the period being analysed.

Number of daily tweets

  • Rankings: This section shows the top 10 users for each of the following:
    • Users that published the most tweets with that hashtag, word or user mention
    • Users with the most original tweets
    • Top Retweeters
    • Users with the most followers
    • Users with the most potential impressions

Check out this report about the hashtag #euro2016 to see the different rankings available for the users that have tweeted with a specific hashtag, word or user mention.

  • Tweets by users with the most followers: Which tweets probably had the highest reach? Those that were published with this hashtag, word or user mention by users with the highest number of followers. In this section you will see 20 tweets posted by users with the most followers.

Tweets of users with more followers

  • User gender: As with the statistics for Facebook and Instagram, the report for your Twitter analysis shows the percentage of men and women that tweeted with that hashtag, word or user mention, as well as the percentage of users whose gender is unknown or doubtful.

Gender of the users

  • Impressions per day: In the following section you will see a comparison of the number of tweets published and the number of impressions per day. We also show the number of users and the potential reach of the hashtag, word or user mention being analysed.

Impressions per day

  • Average number of  tweets per user: Usually, there is a high percentage of users that have only published once with the hashtag/word/user mention. However, the higher the percentage of remaining users that posted 2 or more tweets, the more significant it will be as there will have been a debate or discussion related to the hashtag/word/user mention.

Average number of tweets per user

  • Average number of followers per user: In this section you will see whether hashtag/word/user mention has been used by Twitter users that have a certain influence or not. Have any influencers tweeted with this hashtag/word/user mention? Now is the time to find out…

Average of followers per user

  • Tweet locations: Another piece of information that you can find out using Page Performance for Twitter is where the tweets were published from. You can see the country, city or town where the hashtag/word/user mention had the most impact.


  • Most used hashtags and keywords in the analysed tweets: In these two sections, you’ll see the average number of hashtags and keywords used in each tweet, the total number of hashtags and keywords that appear in these tweets and the number of unique hashtags and keywords. In addition we also show you a breakdown with the number of occurrences of the top 20 hashtags and keywords.

Most used hashtags

  • Daily engagement: We show the relationship between the number of retweets and the number of favourites there were for each day in the period.

Daily engagement

  • Tweets with the most retweets and the most mentioned users:List of the 20 tweets with the highest engagement. That is to say the most retweeted with the hashtag, user mention or word being analysed with a tag cloud of the most mentioned users in different sizes depending on their presence in the tweets

Tweets with more RTs

  • Tweet type: First we show the total number for each type of tweet and below the number of tweets each day for each type. We classify tweets as original tweets, retweets, tweets with photos or videos, or tweets with links or replies.

Type of tweets

  • Language and application used to publish tweets: The next two sections will provide more specific details about the tweets being analysed, in particular, the language in which they were published (for which there will be a wide variety in many cases) and the percentage using a specific application or client to publish the tweets analysed in the report.


  • Tweets by day of the week and hour of the day: The next two sections deal with the time and day of publication of the tweets being analysed. The publishing schedule can be very important if your hashtag is related to social media marketing campaign.

Tweets per hour

  • List of tweets with full details: At the end of the report you will see a list of the most important tweets with specific details for each, such as the number of retweets and favourites for each tweet, the number of followers the profile that posted the tweet has, the hashtags used, and the date and time of publication.

Twitter report download

Page Performance for Twitter allows you to download three types of reports:

  1. Download full report in PDF
  2. Download Excel file with all tweet information (original tweets only).
  3. Download Excel file with all tweet information (tweets and retweets).

Note that Page Performance for Twitter is able to generate specific reports with start date and end date.

Make the most of our statistics service for Twitter. It is available for subscribers to all  Cool Tabs monthly payment plans.

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