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Mother’s Day: the best ideas for your promotions and competitions


Mother's Day

The 17th day of May, we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day. This is a very special date, perfect for running a promotion or competition. The goals? Going viral on Social Media, creating engagement and making your data base bigger.

If you have a lack of inspiration for Mother’s Day, don’t worry. You can create different types of promotions to launch your Mother’s Day campaign in a simple and fast way with Cool Tabs. Keep reading, because we’re about to give you some ideas for Mother’s Day that will work for sure 🙂

Ideas for your Mother’s Day promotion or competition

Quiz with questions and answers

Mother's Day: Promotions and competitionsWe suggest you to run a contest where users need to answer various questions. It’s a perfect option to relate your products or services to the concept of “mother”. For instance: Which product does your mother always carry in her purse? What would your mother do if… (complete with a sentence related to your brand)?

Personality test 

Mother's Day: promotions and competitionsPersonality tests and quizzes are usually very atractive and have a huge success among social media users. Participants need to answer a series of questions, indicating which option best reflects their personality or preferences. For example: What type of mother would you be? or  Which famous mother looks like you?

Mother’s photo contest

Mother's Day: promotions and competitionsA good way to get the followers to brag about their mothers is to encourage them to show their mother’s pictures on different social networks. Bear in mind to award them with a juicy prize.

These are some ideas that will work perfectly for your Mother’s Day photo contest: a vintage photo contest, in which the participants need to upload a picture showing their mothers when they were younger, or a mother-son photo contest. You can also encourage them to connect with their memories by creating a contest where they need to upload a photo that represents a special moment they lived with their mothers.

You can launch your photo contest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or create a competition where users can participate with the social network of their election.

Short story contest

Mother's Day: promotions and competitions You can also run a short photo contest to celebrate Mother’s Day. For example, you can create a contest where your fans need to share which typical phrase or saying their mothers repeat again and again. It’s a funny and at the same time easy dynamic that your users will like.

Direct draw for mothers

Mother's Day: promotions and competitions As you already know, simple contests usually work very well. You can create a draw from your audience, assigning prizes randomly among your followers. A lot of them may be mothers as well.

Depending on the social network you choose, the conditions may be different. We recommend you to always establish as a condition that all the users need to follow you to participate. Besides, it’s a good idea to encourage them to include a determined hashtag or retweet if you run the contest on Twitter, or to like the post and mention a friend on Instagram. You can also launch your promotion on your Facebook wall, increasing your number of followers.

Bear in mind that the prize of the draw shoud be an atractive product for mothers or their sons. For example, a mother-son experience, a batch of different productsfrom your brand…

Discount vouchers 

Mother's Day: promotions and competitionsA lot of purchases are made regarding Mother’s Day, so awarding your fans with a custom discount voucher is always a good idea. This way, your followers will be more inclined to buy in your online or physical store.

You can also award the users that buy in your store with a discount voucher, which is exactly the opposite dynamic. Users should validate this code through an active promotion, for instance, on social media.

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