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New application to personalise your fan page: Instagram Tab

New Instagram Tab


Instagram Tab Logo

Do you remember that as well as applications for promotions and competitions, we also have applications for fine-tuning your Facebook page? We always talk about our Cool Promo Series and about our Page Performance service, but lately we have spoken very little about the much-loved “Tabs” that our platform started out with. So today, on the day that we have made it to 30,000 fans on Facebook, and after a lengthy break since the last time we had news of this type of app, we are launching the Instagram Tab!

What can the Instagram Tab be used for?

This application offers you 2 different options:

  1. To show all of the photos from an Instagram user.
  2. To show all of the photos that have been uploaded to Instagram with a specific hashtag.

How to create an Instagram Tab for your Facebook page.

To create an Instagram Tab, you need to go to “Your contents” in Cool Tabs and follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Create content“, choosing the “Tabs for Fan Pages“ option, where you will find the new Instagram Tab:

New Instagram Tab

  • Fill out the “Basic information“. That is, the name that you want to use to identify the application internally, the name that will be shown onFacebook and the Analytics fingerprint, or that of another tracker:

Instagram Tab: Basic Information

  • Insert an Instagram username or a hashtag for the photos that you want to be shown on  Facebook:

Instagram Data

  • Include a header or footer if you wish and have one ready to use. You just need to save and preview to see the results and, if you like it, publish it on yourFacebook

Instagram Tab Example

Why should you have an Instagram Tab on your fan page?

  1. It’sreally pretty… and who doesn’t like to see pretty things?
  2. It allows users to see Instagram contents without needing to leave the social network, which is very convenient for Facebook  fans.
  3. The Instagram Tab, alongside the rest of the applications for personalising your fan page, gives much more information about the social profile of a business or brand in a uniform manner.
Take a look at our Instagram Tab example >>
Create your Instagram Tab now >> 

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