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A new design that is more responsive and suggestive

New design for your promotions

Since the inception of our apps for promos and sweepstakes we have improved their original design little by little by making slight changes, making it possible to create very attractive campaigns based on our simple templates. However, in our last step towards Responsive Web Design, we have decided to change the design of our applications dramatically. We had a very good base and knew that there was room for improvement with more current colors and a cleaner, more minimal structure; maximizing the importance of images, that are bigger in this new design.

What are the most significant changes in this new design?

1. All images are larger and come in 810px: Now all images will be 810 pixels wide as to avoid confusions. This way, the main image in the campaign both for fans and non-fans, the final image shown after participating, the artwork before and after the promo begins, and the background image (if you wish to include one) will all be 810 pixels wide.

2. 15 new colors to choose from: We have 15 templates that correspond to the 15 new colors that we have picked for this new design; one of the possibilities available is the empty option that you can customize using CSS as you want.

Plantilla color verdePlantilla color verde claroPlantilla color negroPlantilla color azul

Plantilla color magentaPlantilla color moradoPlantilla color rosaPlantilla color rojo

Plantilla azul claroPlantilla color marrónPlantilla color naranjaPlantilla color naranja claro

Plantilla color azul claroPlantilla color amarilloPlantilla en blanco

















3. Responsive design that adapts 100% to any device: Promos created with Cool Tabs have always shown correctly on mobile devices, although it was sometimes hard to adapt them to small spaces in our webs, blogs or microsites. That’s not a problem any longer…

Because every space is good to feature our promo, thus making it more visible and making users access the sweepstakes from our different media. Don’t you feel like giving our new design a try?

Create your sweepstakes now and try all the colors>>

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