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New Filters and Conditions to Select a Single or Multiple Winners with Cool Tabs

New Filters and Conditions to Select a Single or Multiple Winners with Cool Tabs

New Filters and Conditions to Select a Single or Multiple Winners with Cool Tabs
We start the New Year with a bang! We are launching an improved version of the functionality to select a winner in the Cool Tabs applications. This option is now even more customizable, allowing you two select one or more winners regularly or at the end of the competition, and enabling you to choose from among the top-ranked participants, those with the highest scores, the users who have attracted the highest number of people to the contest, etc. According to the type of competition that you go for, the application will display a number of filters and conditions that you can use on your draw for it to be as fair as possible and to meet the needs of the competition.

Let’s look in detail at the new options available to select winners with Cool Tabs apps:

1. Competition stages and winners

We have added a new section to the promotion form. You can now choose whether or not you want your competition to have several phases or stages, what length you want to give them, and whether you want to select a single winner or several winners for all of them:

Multiple-stage or single-stage contest?

  • If you want to launch a competition with stages, select the option ‘users can participate 1 or more times for the duration (stages) you choose‘ in the first field. You will then include the number of hours you want each stage of the competition to last for (i.e. 24 if each stage is to have a duration of one day, 168 if you want it to last for a week, and so on and so forth). Select the number of times users can participate at this stage and tick the relevant box if you want that a winner(s) is chosen for each stage [I].
  • If you don’t want your competition to have any stages, please select the option ‘each user only participates once’, or the option ‘users participate as many times as they like’, according to your preference.

[I] IMPORTANT: A competition can either be run in several stages, each of them with their own winner(s), or else, have the winner(s) selected at the end of the competition, as it happens in any other contest. If you want to have some winners selected at each stage, make sure you tick the relevant box: “Each stage of the competition will have a winner(s)”.

2. Automatic winner selection

Moreover, this new section of the form, called ‘Competition stages and winners’, will allow you to decide whether or not you want winners to be selected automatically. If you decide to go for this option, you won’t need to access Cool Tabs and do it manually. Instead, if you tick this box, the application will automatically do it for you at the end of every stage (if you have created a competition with stages) or at the end of the competition:

Automatic selection of random winners

  • If you choose winners to be selected automatically, you will have to select the number of contest winners and substitutes to be selected at each stage or at the end of the contest.
  • When choosing winners exclude participants who have already won a phase in contest: This option prevents the same winner of one stage is repeated.
  • The page including the list of winners will be public and participants will be able to see it: You can choose the option to publish the winners and substitutes’ names on the application page. You just need to tick this box.
  • Instant Win: This option allow you to select a random instant winner during each stage of your competition. Winners are picked automatically with Instant Win and the participants in your competition will know immediately whether or not they have won and will not have to wait for a specific date and time for the results to be announced. The most important thing when creating an Instant Win competition is to remember is that there will be one winner per stage and that you therefore need to create as many stages as instant winners you want to have.

3. Manual selection of winners with new filters and conditions

If you don’t choose the automatic winner selection option in the form, you will have the possibility to select a winner at the end of each stage or when the competition ends, from the winner section, which you can access directly from the participant list:

Select a winner at the end of each stage or when the competition ends, from the winner section

If you have chosen the option ‘each stage of the competition will have a winner(s)‘ in the competition form, a window like the one below will popup, for you to access the relevant stage and choose the finalists:

Each stage of the competition will have a winner(s)

When you access the relevant stage, you will see the same window you would get in the winners section of any regular competition with no stages. Depending on the competition format you have chosen for your promo, you will be able to choose your winner thanks to a particular set of filters and conditions:

How do you want to select winners?

3.1. Manual selection of winners

The manual selection of winners option was already available in previous versions and it can be used when we know who the winners are going to be or when the winners have been selected before a notary, and we just want to add the e-mail addresses of the lucky winners and their substitutes (if any), and then save them into the application and publish them.

Manual selection of winners

3.2. Random draw from all participants

We have introduced several new features here: 3 different filters can be applied before the draw takes place:

  • Filter by date
  • Choose from the TOP participants only
  • Filter by conditions

Random draw from all participants

3.2.1. Filter by dates

Even if your competition has no participation stages, you may want to select one or several winners per day/week from the participants; this first filter has been specifically designed for this purpose.

3.2.2. Choose from the TOP participants

In Cool Tabs we have always advised that the winner is not selected directly based on scores, votes or attracted users, as it is often difficult to establish whether or not these scores, votes or users have been obtained by fair means. To avoid any discussions, the best thing to do is to hold a random draw from among the finalists. This way, you will have the final say and everything will be easier.

To hold a random draw among the participants with the highest scores, votes or referred users, we will access the ‘Choose from TOP participants’ section (this filter is applied to ALL participants from the competition and doesn’t take into account the datesand include the number of participants we want to take part in this final draw. Depending on the type of competition we have created, we will also be able to select a winner among the participants with the highest scores in the quizz, those who lead the score-based ranking for viral action, those who have attracted the most referred participants to your campaign, or those with the highest number of votes.

Choose from top participants

3.3.3. Filter by conditions

If you don’t want to select your winners based on scores, votes or referred users, but you do want the selection to be made from among the users who meet some specific requirements, tick this box and set up the conditions you want the winners to meet. This option will allow you to select the participants who have got X answers right only, or those who have taken X viral actions, attracted X number of users to the competition, etc.

Filter by conditions

Once our dates and filters and/or conditions are set up correctly, we might click on ‘Step 1: filter’ so that the application only selects winners from the participants who meet the requirements we have selected in these three sections.

Step 1: Filter

Then, you will get a list of the participants, with their names and surnames. You will now be able to name this selection of winners and select the number of winners and substitutes you want for this stage or for the whole competition.

Winners and substitutes you want for this stage or for the whole competition

Now, we just need to click on ‘Step 2: Launch sweepstake‘, this will give you the names of the winners and substitutes with the possibility to run the draw once again and to publish it on your application. Moreover, as usual, you will obtain a verified certificate for your draw.

Names of winners and substitutes and other options

3.3. Random draw from all participants

This third way of selecting winners was already available before. It is generally used for competitions in which users only have to vote, for example, if they have to choose their favourite participant, or in promos in which we attract user votes through rewarding their viral actions in the promotion. If we are running this kind of draw, we just need to include the number of winners and substitutes we want and click on ‘Run draw’.

So here is what we have been up to lately to make your selection of winners fit the features of your competition as much as possible. We hope that selecting the finalists becomes now even easier. If you have any question, get in touch!

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