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How to organise your contacts for e-marketing if you played Pogs in the 90s

How to organise your contacts for marketing emails if you played Pogs in the 90s

How to organise your contacts for marketing emails if you played Pogs in the 90s

Do you remember Pogs, trading cards or scented letter-writing paper? Do you remember what system you used to get the most prized components of your collection? Whether it was a Tiny Toons pog, a special edition Panini chrome or a set of the most beautiful and fragrant writing paper and envelope in the world, there was a very obvious method which came down to the fact that the more you had, the more chance you had of getting what you wanted.

Source: l8news

Source: l8news

The following can be applied to any of the collections mentioned but taking Pogs as an example, a very important consideration was to classify and organise your collection. Once you collected each with the others in its set, you put them all together in your Pogtainer and tried to complete the sets that you most liked or that were worth more. The organisation into sets was simple in itself. However, it allowed you to be more efficient when playing or exchanging Pogs.

What do Pogs have to do with email marketing?

When we have a business that is expanding, the most important thing to our company is our contact list. Sorting or categorising our contacts, as we did for years with Pogs, is a fairly simple and common task, but doing so really helps us with our marketing. So, we should not forget to do it.

Starting from the beginning, the first important step for our collection is to get contacts and collect the email addresses of potential customers. You can use Cool Tabs applications to get leads through social media campaigns. These campaigns should be set up to best suit your followers. You can choose from the variety that we have available.

Categorising your contacts

Once you’ve accumulated a decent number of email addresses through various campaigns over several months on social media, you need to keep in mind that the contacts that you’ve been collecting can be of different types: People that you have just met, people that already know you and want to know about your new products, young people, older people, people from your country or city, people from other countries or cities, etc.

Each user group will, therefore, have a different image of your brand, so you’ll need a marketing campaign specific to each of them.

Email welcoming to new users from Cool Tabs

Email welcoming to new users from Cool Tabs

To organise your audience and create relevant campaigns for each group in your contact list, you can use the Cool Tabs CRM dashboard and apply the filters to create groups for your marketing campaigns (in this case, email marketing). With the Cool Tabs CRM dashboard, you can filter by gender, engagement, last activity, type of fan (new or old) and type of user (expert in competitions or not).

Creating an e-marketing campaign for each group of contacts

Once you have organised your audience and created separate contact lists, you must create different emails for each group:

  • A welcome email for newcomers, explaining the important details about your brand or with details about how they can benefit from your products or services.
  • For those that have been with you for a while, a campaign with discounts or special offers that shows your appreciation for their loyalty. You do not want them to leave, so have to show them that!
  • For veterans who have always been willing to take part in your marketing campaigns, you should think about offering more so that they become lifelong customers of your brand. Veterans are always the most demanding test of your creativity.
  • For your younger audiences, you can launch a selfies or Youtube video competition or whatever you think will attract these users because it is more on trend. Also, think about how it relates to your business.

Your brand’s style should be reflected in your email marketing campaigns. The idea is to strengthen your audience’s growth, while still organising it into groups, and then create new campaigns for each new group of contacts. Capture, categorise and think of the best strategies not to lose them and to get even more. They are the most important actions for any collection. Don’t forget about your inner collector!

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