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Page Performance for Instagram

Page Performance for Instagram

Page Performance is an analytics and performance monitoring service for your social networks. For the photo-sharing social network, this service is only available as a paid service and allows you to analyse multiple profiles depending on your Cool Tabs plan.

The limits for each plan are as follows:

 Cool Tabs plan   Profiles limit Date range*
 Free Plan  1 profile (only Facebook)  Last 15 days
 Stone Plan  3 profiles (Facebook, Twitter* and /or Instagram)  Last 2 months

 Gold Plan

 10 profiles (Facebook, Twitter* and /or Instagram  Last 3 months

 Diamond Plan

 15 profiles (Facebook, Twitter* and /or Instagram)  Last 2 years

Date range: incudes the analysis of posts that have been made at within the last X days, depending on what your plan allows.
Twitter is not yet available, but it will soon be available to our customers within the Page Performance service.

What does Page Performance for Instagram include?

Page Performance divides the results for the chosen Instagram profile analysis into four sections:

  1. General statistics for the profile with graphics regarding the history of number of followers in the date range indicated, the “Top potential contributors”, the percentage of followers with public and private profiles, and most used hashtags, words and filters. In addition, we show the gender of your followers and their location, both where they are located and where they took their photos.
  2. Engagement: The section where the level of commitment of the followers of the Instagram profile is shown. We show the ranking of the photos/videos according to those with the most engagement, the likes, comments and posts per day, the average daily engagement depending on users’ interaction and the hashtags and filters with the most engagement.
  3. Post statistics is where the likes and comments history is shown, by day of the week and time of day, and where we analyse the posts made during the chosen date range.
  4. Optimisation: In this final section we show the best day and time to publish from the Instagram profile in question by using a heat map showing the times and days that work best with an index ranging from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best time and day for your posts on Instagram.

Page Performance allows you to download a PDF report with all data obtained corresponding to your Cool Tabs plan.

Page Performance allows you to download a report with all of your followers’ data

In addition to downloading all of the data, Page Performance allows you to download a report with all of the data for your Instagram followers. Each plan has a limit on the number of followers for generating this report, which is shown below:

 Cool Tabs plan   Followers in the report 

 Free Trial

 Stone Plan 50.000

 Gold Plan


 Diamond Plan


* Downloading reports is not allowed for the free version.

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