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A panel with all the photos in your contests to make your choice easier

Example of a panel with images from a photo contest

Photo contests on Facebook and Instagram are a true display of the skill and creativity of participants which is often assessed through a voting system. However, it all usually ends up in the hands of the contest administrators’, who have the last word when it comes to selecting winners or carrying out marketing actions with the materials obtained through users’ contributions. That’s why we decided to create a panel with all the pictures that were part of a promo or sweepstakes, improving the display by showing images in three columns with an infinite scroll that shows all contributions.

Contest administrators can access this image panel through their Cool Tabs’ participations page, where they can see a menu with different options, among which “See all images”.

Clicking on 'See Participations'

Click on 'See all images'

The “See all Images” option allows you to see more carefully and comfortably all photos submitted to your photo contest, whether on Facebook or on Instagram.

Login in the Cool Tabs’ account that administers the contest is not required to access this URL with all the images, so it can be shared and sent to the client or to whoever may need to access all pics in the contest. Also, it is possible to download them all in their original size from that URL, with some type of browser extension that downloads all images referenced on a site. We use DownThemAll! on Firefox, but if you use Chrome you may try Metalink Downloader.

Example of a panel with images from a photo contest:

Example of a panel with images from a photo contest

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