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Participation in your campaigns from 5 different social networks

Access to the campaign from different social networks

Cool Tabs are completely turning around the potential for participation in your campaigns. Promotions and competitions created with Cool Tabs will have, as they have until now, a custom microsite and may also be published on a Facebook tab. This does not imply that users must only register with their Facebook account or only with that of another social network. From today, you will be able to choose the social networks through which users can access your competition. You don’t have to choose them all and will often only want to choose one. In short, you choose the ways that your campaign can be accessed.

Users can participate in promotions with their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and/or LinkedIn accounts.

Participation in your campaigns from 5 different social networks

Advantages of multiple registrations for promotions

  1. More chances that users will take part in the promotion: With multiple entries, users that don’t have an account on one specific social network may take part, meaning that it opens the doors to your competition a little further. In addition, participants who have accounts on different social networks will decide which they prefer to use to enter and so it will be easier to get them to take part in your campaign.
  2. Promotion of the growth of all of your social networks: A single campaign can allow access from 5 social networks and also promote the brand’s 5 profiles on each of them. This means that the capturing of new users and creation of publications is not focused on a single social network.
  3. More complete user profiles: As you launch different campaigns, or even within the same one, you can encourage users to register each time with a different social network to the one previously used. This means that you will be steadily completing the profiles of your participants, which we will show in the audience panel.
  4. Greater reach and increased engagement: When you open your promotion to various social networks, it will also be promoted by users participating on each of them. This will also mean that there will be a higher percentage of loyalty to your brand and that it is not focused on a single social network as it was previously.

How is registration from different social networks activated?

  • You need to go to the first section of the promotion creation form with the Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications and from there you can choose the social networks from which entries can be made. You can choose one, some or all of them. Whatever you prefer.

o	Mark the social networks from which entries can be made

  • In the ‘Make your campaign go viral’ section, you can recommend your social network profiles to try to encourage participants to become your followers, if they are not already.

Recommend your social network profiles

  • If you allow access to your competition from Twitter and/or Instagram, you’ll need participants to register on these social networks:
    1. Follow: They can follow you on Twitterand/or
    2. Publication with hashtag: They can publish a tweetor a photo/video on Instagram with specific hashtags.
    3. Mention: For Twitter, you can also ask that they mention you in the published tweet.

To set up these options, just fill in the ‘Integration of your campaign with Twitter’ and ‘Integration of your campaign with Instagram’ sections.

Create your campaign with Cool Tabs and try the new participation options now >>

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