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Paths quiz: a new tool for your marketing campaigns

In Cool Tabs, we’ve launched a new type of campaign called “Paths” or “Paths Quiz”. Now you can launch campaigns in which, according to the answer of each user, the next question will depend on it.

With this new tool, you will increase your user engagement. Why? Because depending on the answers they sen,  the paths or the results will be different. The participants will comment on the results and share them with their friends. This is a fun quiz which has a high conversion and normally, it turns viral.

paths quiz

Do you want to make a quiz where users have to pick up their own adventure? In this post, you’ll find out all the details to create yours.

In the next link we share an example of this campaign: Your new job is just a click away. We start to question the users if they are working nowadays and, depending on the answers, the next questions will be shifting to one side or other.

Advantages of a Paths Quiz

These are some of the advantages that we can obtain by creating a Paths Quiz:

  • Increase engagement. The user, when creating his own paths and start getting different results, will feel more identified with the quiz and comment on his or her result. In addition, s/he will also be interested in the results of other users and will even repeat the questionnaire to obtain new possible answers ?.

  • Viralize our campaign. The fact that the user is the one who “chooses his own adventure “, will cause each result to match each participant. You will get your followers to share the quiz and want to contrast their results with their friends.
  • Promote a product/service of our brand. With a paths quiz, you can take users one way or the other, in such a way that the result of each path is an offer or a product that you want to promote.
  • Get followers on social networks. When it comes to quizzes, generally, they are usually quite entertaining to do. Users will become followers on your social networks, as they will want to continue doing similar tests and find other content equally interesting. The more original your content is, the better.
  • This tool is accessible to all types of brands. Be a chain of hotels, a children’s fashion brand or a web page, you can use this tool to create your own paths quiz.
  • You can easily integrate it into your Inbound Marketing strategy. You already know that users demand, increasingly, original and personalized content. These quizzes will become essential in your content marketing, because thanks to them you can accompany and guide your customers and buyers through all the sales funnel phases in a non-intrusive way, adapting to their needs and distancing yourself from your competition.

Paths Quiz

Examples of quizzes

Here are some examples of paths quizzes that are sure to be very useful when it comes to knowing the possibilities of this tool, which are many! Remember that the possibilities with this quiz are endless, these are just some of which you can take into account.

  • You are the Community Manager of a hotel chain and you want to draw two different nights: one on the beach and one in the mountain. With our paths system, you have the option to create a quiz in which, according to the answers of the participants, the questions lead to a path (tourism rural/mountainous) or another (sun/beach tourism).
  • A “choose your own adventure” quiz. You can create a questionnaire in which, according to the users’ answers, their “adventure” can be derived to: go cruising the Mediterranean, enjoy an experience in a parachute, dine at a luxury restaurant or spend the night in a hotel in the center of their favorite city.
  • Do you have a toy company? You have the option to create a quiz in which you ask the users for the tastes of their children, and according to the answers to each question, the paths can take you to any type of toy: a guitar, a soccer ball, a stuffed toy … We love this campaign, ideal for children, in which the participants will know, according to the paths chosen through their answers, who would be the cartoon that would accompany them in their adventures.
  • You are the owner of a wine store and want to increase your social audience. You can create a paths quiz in which each path will lead to a different user experience: a tasting session, a guided tour of your facilities, giving away a box of your better wines … As you have already seen, the possibilities are endless!
  • Combinations of looks. You can create a quiz in which, according to your users’ answers, the paths will be diverted towards one or another type of look (eighties look, casual, modern …). You can create endless combinations of looks according to what the user chooses in each answer. 
  • You have a brand of hair products and you want to draw two types of different shampoos (one for curly hair and one for straight hair). You can create a crossroads where you leave the question: “Do you have straight or curly hair?”. From this first question, the following ones will drift towards a path or another.
  • You have a job search website. As the example that we showed above, in this case, you can start from a question and, according to the answers of each user, the questions will go towards different paths. In this way, the information you get from your followers will be very useful (whether they have a job, whether they are in active search of employment, whether they are interested in receiving offers …).
  • You are the owner of several shopping centers and you want to know what services your followers demand (restaurants, stores, coffee shops…). You can start by asking what is their closest shopping and include a drop-down menu with all the options. After that, you can create the paths you need and know the user’s answers (whether they prefer cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, sports stores, etc.). We encourage you to create your own questionnaire!

How to set up your paths quiz?

To configure this tool, the first thing is to create your campaign with Cool Tabs. Once created, you will have to define a quiz including the questions that you want to appear in your pathways.

Once the questions have been defined, the next step will be to establish the paths and conditions that you want each question to have. It’s that simple! Remember that the more original your campaign is, the greater your success.

If you want to create your own paths quiz and have some advice, write to We will be happy to help you.


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