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How to Create the Perfect Post for Facebook Sweepstakes

Facebook sweepstakes perfect post

Doing Facebook sweepstakes is something that’s very simple and can be very useful for capturing the attention of your followers, energizing your community and increasing interaction, viral reach, and engagement. If you’re looking to improve the stats of your fan page in the short term, and then try to maintain these results with attractive posts and larger campaigns, a giveaway on your wall is just what you need. So, in this article, we are going to tell you how to write the ideal post and what characteristics it must have in order to achieve the perfect Facebook sweepstakes. Let’s get to it!

Facenook sweepstakes perfect post

Steps for creating Facebook sweepstakes

1. Choose what type of interaction is required of users to participate

What can I ask users to do in order to participate in my contest on my wall?

  • Have them react (“like”, “love”…) to the post: This interaction is the simplest. Followers are asked to simply “like” a post in order to win the prize that ‘ s being given away. Therefore, it’s normal to achieve a high percentage of interaction with respect to our number of followers, and for the viral reach that’s achieved from these likes to stand out on the graph of these percentages; this should be our objective. If you also promote the Facebook sweepstakes’ post, you should get even better stats for your Fan Page than what you ‘ve managed to achieve so far. If all this is true, there should be a noticeable increase in the number of fans of your Facebook page, seeing how a giveaway on Facebook allows you to reach new users: to participate, to know the name of the winner…
  • Have them comment on the post: Users are normally asked to comment in order to: a) Ask for their opinion, b) Indicate which is their favorite among several options in the post, c) Indicate what they would prefer to win (also among several options that are given). Asking users to comment on a post is taking things one step further than just having them react to it. However, if what they are asked to comment on is simple and they don’t have to think too hard, interaction will also be high. Just like in the previous case, if the post is promoted, you will achieve better stats than those that are normally obtained for your Fan Page, and you will notice a growth in the number of fans.
  • Have them get people to “like” the comment they’ve made on the post: this is one step even further than the previous action. Not only do they have to comment, but they should get “likes” on the comment. This option is useful when you want users to respond to the post with something that’s creative (an original phrase, a photo, a sticker…). This manages to limit participation a bit more, but also allows users to share the giveaway on Facebook to get people to like their comment.

2. Selecting the prize

If you want to do Facebook sweepstakes but you don’t know which prizes may be most attractive to your users, see our “Practical Guide to the Best Prizes for your Contest”. The characteristics that a prize should have for an action of this type are the following:

  • It must be one of your products or services, or related to them: this is an opportunity to shine light on what you offer your customers and, in addition, you won’t have to invest any money to buy it. It can also be a product or service offered by one of the partners or brands you collaborate with, and that provides you with that product or service for the Facebook sweepstakes. The idea is that the giveaway on your wall doesn’t require you to pay any money since we’re not asking for anything more than a like or comment in return. You can also take advantage of products with an excess of stock that you believe your followers may be interested in.
  • The value of the prize you’re giving away must be in accordance with what you’re asking of participants, but also must be subject to the results you hope to achieve. The goal is for your followers to see the Facebook sweepstakes and want to be the winner, but also those people who may be customers of your brand but who don’t follow you yet. For example, if you have a sports store, you will get more interaction if you raffle off a pair of running sneakers or sportswear, than if you decide to run a contest on Facebook for something more specific with less of an audience.

3. How to write the giveaway post

1. Call to action: The content of a post for a giveaway on Facebook is usually longer since it has to explain the conditions of the giveaway, what the prize is, the deadline for participating, etc., therefore the text should begin with a short phrase that grabs people’s attention and says what the prize is. Examples: “Have you always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens boots?”. “Tell us what your favorite aroma is and we’ll throw in the coffee”. “If you participate in this GIVEAWAY, you may be posting photos from New York this Easter week”.

Faceboom sweepstakes example

2. Requirements for participating in the giveaway: the next thing you must indicate is what the users have to do to participate. Examples: “Have you always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens boots? “Like” this post and you’ll enter the giveaway to win a pair.” “Tell us what your favorite aroma is and we’ll throw in the coffee. Leave us a comment telling us if you prefer the Natural Aroma, the Finni­simo Aroma or Grand Suspiro, and you’ll enter a giveaway to win a box of your favorite aroma.” “If you participate in this GIVEAWAY, you may be posting photos from New York this Easter week. Leave us a comment indicating which person you’d take with you and you could be the winner of a trip to The Big Apple.”

3. Facebook sweepstakes end date: you must specify the day and time on which participation will be closed or, in its place, the duration of the contest. This information should not appear in the first lines, but must appear somewhere so that users know how long they can participate for and when the winner will be chosen. Normally, giveaways on Facebook last from 3-4 days to 1 week. If, for example, you do a 1-week giveaway and you plan on promoting the post, it would be a good idea to send out a reminder mid-week in order to keep users in the loop and make sure the contest isn’t forgotten about. In addition, if you take into account the fact that Facebook currently has an organic reach of between 3-6%, making several posts about the same Facebook sweepstakes is essential in order to reach the maximum number of people possible and thus encourage participation.

4. Add a photo to the post: this photo should represent the Facebook sweepstakes prize that can be won and what participants have to do to win it. It’s even a good idea to include the word “giveaway” or “sweepstakes”. The more visual and easier it is to participate, the more interaction you will get with the post. The optimal size of the photo should be 1200x630px.

Facebook Aweepstakes Example

5. Encourage the post to be shared and have participants mention their friends in the comments: according to Facebook’s policy, you can’t ask users to share or post something on their wall, or tag their friends in a post as a mandatory requirement to participate, but we can encourage them to do so, because although it can’t be a requirement for our contest on Facebook, this sharing by participants is beneficial to us. Thus, either in the image or in the text of the post, you can include phrases such as: “Share the giveaway with your friends or mention them below, don’t be selfish!”, or “If you like this giveaway, share it with your friends!”

6. Use hashtags so that the giveaway has more visibility: sometimes hashtags are ignored on this social network, something that doesn’t happen on Twitter or Instagram. However, just like on other social networks, they are a gateway to reach users who don’t follow you and search for certain words like #sweepstakes, #like, etc. It’s not essential, but it can help.

7. Include a link to the terms & conditions of the giveaway: it is highly recommended that you post the terms & conditions of the Facebook sweepstakes with all the details you are going to take into account: start and end dates of the giveaway, prize, selection of the winners of the giveaway, requirements to participate, which company is conducting the giveaway, etc. To post the terms & conditions of your Facebook sweepstakes, you can create them directly from Cool Tabs and link them to your giveaway. It couldn’t be easier!

8. Keep the length of the post in mind. Normally, Facebook shows the first 6 lines of the post that you’ve written, so you should try to include the most relevant information there. In particular, it is essential that the first two points we mentioned appear: the call to action and the requirements to participate in the giveaway. The best thing to do is to schedule the post so that you can view and modify it before actually posting it, if necessary.

9. We recommend including emoticons or adding “how are you feeling”, in addition to explaining how to participate step by step: emojis and adding a status about how you’re feeling gives the post a certain closeness and informality, so it may be a good idea to use them, depending on the type of brand or business you are writing for. On the other hand, even if, for example, you’ve indicated that “there will be a giveaway among all those who like the post”, it can’t hurt to include the steps for participating in the section of written content that’s usually hidden. Example:

  1. Read this post and click “like” to enter the giveaway.
  2. If you’re a good friend, share it! Your friends would do the same for you‚
  3. If you don’t already follow our page, how will you find out that you’ve won? We recommend giving it a like.
    Facebook sweepstakes example

4. Recommendations for a successful Facebook sweepstakes

  • Share the giveaway: between posting the giveaway itself and the sharing done by your followers (either because they interact with your post, or because they share it with their friends, thus increasing its viral reach), you will manage to really make the action go viral. However, you shouldn’t leave things there. As we ‘ve explained before, if the giveaways last for 3-4 days, you can make another post on your wall before it ends, reminding users that they can still participate, linking to the giveaway post or sharing it. If the giveaway lasts 1 week, you can even post a couple of reminders on your fan page. You can also share it on the brand’s other social profiles (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), you can talk about it in an article on your blog, or even announce it through your newsletter. Whether or not the reach of your Facebook sweepstakes is a success will depend on you!
  • Sort comments on the post. Interact with comments on the giveaway’s post on Facebook: if there are any questions or concerns, answer them, and if they are simply comments mentioning friends or showing appreciation for the giveaway, thank the comments with a “like”! If the number of comments starts to increase and you can’t interact with everyone, sort them by “Featured Comments” when you access the post, so that at least you answer the comments with the most visibility and then order them by “Most Recent” to have a look at what’s happening in the giveaway.

5. Templates for writing posts for your contests on Facebook

1. Giveaway on Facebook among users who “like” a post:

“Want to win a [prize]? Then “like” this post to enter the giveaway to win a [prize]. On [day of the week the giveaway will end] at [the time the giveaway will end], we will select the winner.

To participate in our giveaway, all you have to do is:

  1. Read this post and click “like”.
  2. If you’re a good friend, show it to your friends!
  3. And if you don’t already follow our page, we recommend that you give us a like so you can find out if you’ve been selected as the winner.
    Here are the Terms & Conditions for the giveaway: [link to the terms & conditions].
    Enter now!

2. Facebook sweepstakes among users who comment on the post:

Want to win a [prize]? Comment on this post telling us [explain what you want them to comment about] and you will enter the giveaway to win a [prize]. On [day of the week the giveaway will end] at [the time the giveaway will end], we will select the winner among all the comments.

To participate in our giveaway, all you have to do is:

  1. Read this post and write a comment.
  2. If you’re a good friend, share it with your friends!
  3. And if you don’t already follow our page, we recommend that you give us a like so you can find out if you’ve been selected as the winner.
    Here are the Terms & Conditions for the giveaway: [link to the terms & conditions].
    Write your comment now!

6. Collect all the entries and select the winner of the giveaway on Facebook

You already know that once you’ve launched the contest on Facebook and it’s posted, you can create your WallPromo with Cool Tabs to collect all the entries and then select the winner on the date of the giveaway. When collecting all the entries, you can indicate whether to count the “likes” and/or the comments, and when you select the winner of the giveaway, you can filter by dates and/or only pick the winner from among those comments that have obtained X number of likes.

Here is the tutorial for the WallPromo app >>

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