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You can include quizzes on your promotions

You can include quizzes on your promotions

Until now, with our Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label you could do contests with different and multiple mechanisms: Photo or video contests, competitions about original answers to a single question, contests stories, etc. But we needed an option that you can use from today: The survey or quiz consisting of dynamic questions and answers.

How can I include this option?

All options related to the creation of a quiz or questionnaire on your promotion are included in the section: “Add a questionnaire or survey to your competition” on the applications Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label. In this post we explain all of them.

Questionnaire or survey options

  • Display every quizz questions on a single page: If you check this option, the entry form and the questions you set in these section will be displayed on a single page. If you do not check it, the questions will be displayed one on each page, with buttons to continue to the next question.

One question on each page

  • Show users’ responses to all: Enabling this option means that responses marked as ‘public’ will be shown to everyone. It is usual that responses where creativity or participant opinion is required are made public, but not those that involve answering something correctly.
  • Give points for each correct answer in the questionnaire: This option allows you to assign different scores to each question answered correctly.
    • Show own score to participants: Participants can see the total number of points that they have in your questionnaire.
    • Show scores publicly: If you enable this option, any user can see the scores of any participant.
  • Number of random questions: This way, you can select a set of questions and decide how many of them will be asked to each participant. The application will randomly select the number of questions you wish. This will allow you to create a different participation quiz for each participant in the competition.

About the quiz questions

You can include the number of questions that you need and decide whether it is mandatory to answer or not, whether the answers to that question are public or the dates by which the questions are displayed to the participants.

Questionnaire: New Question

  • t is mandatory to answer this question: If you activate these checkboxes, it will become a prerequisite to answer the question to complete the entry. If you don’t activate them, users can submit their entry without responding.
  • Answers to this question will be public (visible to everyone): You can decide whether each response will be made visible to everyone or not, since there may be information that you do not want to be visible to everyone (for example, personal details, or the correct answer to a question that is asked of all entrants).
  • Show this question on the form between certain dates only: If you are creating a competition that is to be split into phases or if you just want certain questions to appear only on the entry form on certain dates, you can configure that in this section.
  • Give points for answering this question correctly: If the question you are setting has one correct answer, you can assign a score to respond properly. The score may be different for each question by value or difficulty.

Questions can be of two types:

  • Only text, meaning only include the question itself. Example: “What is your favorite item from our new collection?
  • Text + Image: This type is often used to guess what or who appears in the image, but it can be used for any type of question in which the image provides information. Example: “What brand is this bag?” + Image of a bag of Lancôme.

Question with text and image

About the quiz answers

You can include the number of answers that you need.

Questionnaires: Types of Answers

  • Type of response: This option allows you to sort the responses into categories. This means that if a participant chooses more responses from type A, we could show them a message after they send their entry that is different to the message that we show to participants that have given more type B, C or D responses. This custom message for each category can be set in the “Promotion design” section.
  • Is it a correct answer to the question? You can indicate what is or are the correct answers for each question, except for the text written by the participant. This is because there is no correct answer due to there being the freedom to respond in many different ways. If this option is chosen, the user will know whether or not they have answered correctly and the competition administrator can also see it in the participant report. Moreover, you can display a different message to those participants who have successfully answered the questions facing those who have not. The participants who have answered everything right will see the “Personalised message for those participants that correctly answered the question” after participating, while the other participants will see the “Standard message to all participants“. Both messages can be created in the “Promotion design” section.
  • Add another question / answer: You can add all the questions / answers that you need with or without images and with different types of responses to make the questionnaire as dynamic as possible.

Answers can be of five types (all of which can be either public or only visible to the promotion administrator and “Answer chosen from various options” and “Multiple answers” can include text and/or images):

  • Textual response, participants write the answer. This type is commonly used to open questions or to request opinion, with the aim that participants write the solution in their own words. Example: “What would you do if you won this contest?” (Not given answer choices, because we prefer that participants write an original response).

 Textual response

  • Answer to choose between several options. With this option we limit the user to choose between the proposed answers, which can be only text or with a picture embedded. Example: “What island was filmed The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio?” a) Easter Island (with photo of Easter Island). b) Lanzarote (+ Lanzarote picture). c)  Koh Phi Phi Leh (photo of the Thai island). d) Menorca (+ Menorca picture).

Answer to choose between several options

  • Response with a dropdown like this (to choose among many options). Here again we limit the response of the participant, who should choose between the options we give in the dropdown. Example: Seine River passes by… (Response from the dropdown options, which contains several cities around the world. You can only choose one).

Response with a dropdown

  • Multiple answers (the user can choose one or more options). This would be the option we choose, if we ask a question that has several answers. The responses in this case can also be formed of text + image. Example: “Which of the following countries has won the UEFA since 2000?” Spain / France / Greece / Yugoslavia.

Multiple answers

  • Stars rating from 1 to 10. With this kind of response we will allow the participants to do their assessments of 1 to 10 about something, for example, assessment of a film, of the customer care of a business, of the courier service, etc.

Stars rating from 1 to 10


Limit the time to complete the survey

If you want participants to answer the questions with a time limit to prevent them from looking up answers or thinking too much, you can include a response time limit. This option can be found in the “Entry form configuration” section of your Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label. In this field you can include the maximum time (in seconds) that people will have to send their completed participation.

Time limit

With the limited response time option, participants won’t be able to close the window and access it later. If once the time is over the entry has not been completed, it will remain as pending moderation. And there’s nothing to be done about it!

What can I use a quiz for?

Many times we do not know how to pose a contest and we wonder what we request our users to do to participate, because if we demand much, we do not get the participation we expect and, if we request bit, participation is often getting out of hand. The quiz or poll is perfect for these cases, because only ask the user to answer questions about your product or about something you’re promoting and can be as complex or simple as you see. Moreover, as we see in the images above, it can be very attractive, dynamic and entertaining for your users.

What would be the use of a quiz?

– To find out what your users know about you.

– To find out what users think of your product.

– To create a simple contest with questions regarding your prize.

– To get amaze and intrigue users who try to guess the correct answer.

Check the different types of questionnaires you can create with Cool Tabs and take a look at our sample quiz to see the possibilities that we offer: Quiz Sample of Tabs.

Start now to create your own quiz with Cool Tabs >>

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