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Recommendations for your restaurant’s fan page

Suggestions for your restaurant's Facebook page

Suggestions for your restaurant's Facebook page

If you know how to make the most of them, social networks have a lot to offer your business and, if that business is a bar or restaurant, Facebook can be used as a great tool not only to attract customers, but also to provide information and services related to your menu, special events or promotions in your establishment. Plus, it can be used for users to leave their opinions or ask questions about your bar or restaurant. Your fan page should ultimately be an additional way of keeping in touch with your customers and where you can give them more reasons to make a return visit or even that important first visit.

If you have a restaurant and have created your Facebook page but do not know how to make the most of it, we will tell you how it can be done. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of being on Facebook. Doing this well will give your business a very good image.

Suggestions for using the new Facebook design for the fan page of your bar, cafeteria and restaurant

Possibilities offered by Facebook for restaurants’ pages

Information, opening hours, telephone number and location are more clearly visible with the new design: If you have a restaurant, the most important thing is that people come to it, know at what times food is served or what other services are offered, and you provide a number in case they wish to make a booking. If we were to start personalising our fan page with the most important information, then we should certainly start with this section.

Facebook page: About section

Rating: For fan pages of bars and restaurants, it is the first section in the right column, so we have to try to make sure that the rating shown is a good one. It may not be decisive in whether a Facebook user comes to our restaurant, but a bad score could put them off. We see these scores as a way of finding out our customers’ opinions and how to improve them.

Rating for fan pages of bars and restaurants

Promotions on the homepage: You can use the cover photo to advertise a promotion that you have in your bar or restaurant. This way, it is always shown at the top of your fan page. Try to make sure that the text is not very long and that it is clear and straightforward, for example: “2-for-1 Tuesdays“.

Use the cover photo to advertise a promotion

Events or offers on your pageFacebook allows you to create specific events and offers to help to encourage your fans to come to your establishment. The important thing is to think about what might appeal to your Facebook fans and encourage them to visit. Maybe a tropical event where you decorate your bar accordingly and make caipirinhas? Or some sort of offer for your fans to get a surprise dessert when they pay for a meal?

Events or offers on your page

Possibilities offered by Cool Tabs’ Facebook applications

A tab with your website, your booking page or your menu of the day: With our External Content Tab application, you can show any page inside aFacebook tab. You only need to provide the URL and adapt your page to the space that Facebook gives you using our zoom tool. This option is useful for ensuring that users do not need to leave your fan page to find relevant information that you have posted on your website or blog.

A tab with your menu of the day

A tab with a contact form: You can use our Contact Tab application with Google Docs to create a standard form or a questionnaire, which may also be useful if we want our users to submit suggestions or comments about our business.

Form into a Facebook tab

A tab with your Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube or Flickr updates, or your blog’s RSS Feed: This is useful if we post updates on other social networks and, as mentioned above, we don’t want the Facebook user to have to leave Facebook to see them. For example, it would be good to include posts from our blog if we often update it with new recipes or news about our restaurant. We would use our RSS Tab application for this.

Pinterest Example TabA tab specially designed by you with our content editor: If you prefer, you can also create a tab that includes whatever content you like, on which you can also include your menu, a specific promotion from your restaurant, the wine list, your cocktails…or whatever you want!

A tab specially designed by you with our content editor

And, of course, with our applications, you can create promotions and competitions to attract fans and gain their loyalty. Check out the different types of promotion you can create with Cool Tabs.

Start using our applications and breathe new life into your restaurant’s fan page now >>

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