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Cool Tabs: Verified Certificate

You already know that our apps select winner(s) and alternates among participants and voters manually or randomly, and applying filters. But that’s not all, if you organize your sweepstakes with us you’ll get a Verified Certificate stating that it took place in an absolutely random manner “in our servers, following the instructions configured by the promotion administrator and stablished under the promotion the terms and conditions”.

Thus, we certify that your sweepstakes or promo selected one or more winners in the most optimal way, stating the date and times when the sweepstakes took place and the name of the lucky one(s).

When the sweepstakes takes place, you’ll see a screen like this:

Winner contests

If you click on the URL provided, you’ll see Cool Tabs’ Verified Certificate for your sweepstakes:

Cool Tabs: Verified CertificateAnd for sweepstakes and promos published using our white label we have a different certificate that looks more like this:

Cool Tabs: Verified Certificate for Cool Promo White LabelSelect your winners using our apps and get Cool Tabs Verified Certificate!

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