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Select the winners of your promotion from among the voters

Select the winners of your promotion from among the voters

Select the winners of your promotion from among the voters

Until now, we have been able to choose a winner or several winners in three different ways thanks to our apps for creating promotions and contests. These three options were: Manually, through a random draw among all the participants and through a random draw, but only among those participants that fulfill a number of requirements. We did not offer the option of picking a winner among the voters, as votes generally helped us to select the most popular participations but we did not reward this activity. However, the voters are important, especially in some situations in which voting is the way to participate, as in the case of the “choose your favourite” type of contest. That’s why we have added this option to our winner selection page, so it is easier to pick the winner in those contests in which voting is a way to participate.

How do I choose a winner among my voters?

1. We access the Cool Tabs’ admin panel and click on the icon ‘See participations’ from the recently finished promotion for which we must choose a winner.

Clicking on 'See Participations'

2. We access the participations page just like we accessed the “Winners” page, clicking on that option.

Access the “Winners” page, clicking on that option

3. On the ‘Winners selection‘ page, we choose the last option: ‘Random sweepstake among voters‘. We include the number of winners and replacements we prefer for our promotion and we click on ‘Launch sweepstake’.

Random draw among all of the voters

A screen showing the winner or winners and their replacements will be displayed and we will have the option of saving the result of the draw and of publishing the name of the contest’s winner. From then on, all the steps are the same as in select the winner among the participants of a promotion.

This new option, as we mentioned before, is essential in the “Choose your favourite” type of contests. If you want to create a contest with this dynamic, follow the indications explained in this post: “How to Create a Contest on Facebook Based on Users’ Votes Only“.

Create your contest in which users just have to vote for their favorite now>>

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