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Shiseido: A national case study supported by a TV commercial and a Youtube campaign

Data Shiseido: A high engagement rate and new fans

On May 8, 2013 Shiseido Spain launched a campaign using our Cool Promo White Label app that lasted one month. They named their app Shiseido Body Creator and the idea was to give away 10 gift boxes with their body slimming and anti-aging treatments.  All it took was answering a simple question: What’s the difference between SHISEIDO BODY CREATOR and other slimming products you have tried? The outcome: A high engagement rate and new fans.

Data Shiseido: A high engagement rate and new fans

Cool Tabs services helped us implement the sweepstakes easily and at a very competitive price, without the need for an agency. I would highlight how fast they were at troubleshooting and their agreement with Xeerpa, through which we heard of them.

Belén Muñoz-Casayús
Web 2.0 Project Manager of Shiseido Spain

Shiseido’s Keys to Success

  1. The great visibility of the campaign: Most of it focused on TV and Youtube, promoting Shiseido‘s slimming product commercial. They also invested on Facebook Ads and sponsored posts that rerouted to the app. According to Belén Muñoz-Casayús: “The online campaign focused on showing the commercial and rerouting traffic to the app, and we believe it worked. Our goal was to get registers and keep having an impact on these people through emailing and to get high-value fans engaged with the brand, and we got this data through Xeerpa.”
  2. The campaign’s featured product is one of the most decisive factors: We’re dealing here with a prestigious product, which is the #1 slimming treatment in the upscale market.
  3. Using different media to advertise the product with which we reward the winner on the one hand and the app itself on the other hand. If the product is important people must know, thus it needs to be promoted. We make our product and sweepstakes visible in a way that they don’t compete for attention. We have already explained how it was done in point 1.
  4. Participating in the sweepstakes was very simple: You just filled in your personal information and answered a question. Simple dynamics are a constant in our stories of success. Obviously, the more complicated it is to participate, the lower participation levels will be, and that may hindrance our sweepstakes. So in order to obtain visibility, new fans, and high engagement levels, keep it simple.
  5. A clear goal: As the Project Manager of Shiseido Spain mentioned their goal was to get new fans and keep having an impact on participants through emailing. It’s basic to know what you want and to design your promo or sweepstakes with that goal in mind. If you just wanted to activate your community and reward the most active fan, you need a different sweepstakes. Therefore, set a goal before getting started.

These are the 5 keys to the success of the Shiseido Body Creator campaign. We hope they inspired you. If you need more ideas, check out our Practical Guide to Optimise the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Promotions.

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