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Objectives of Social Media Monitoring


Today, brands and companies must actively listen to their users through social networks. Before, it wasn’t possible to talk with customers in real time or thoroughly Social Media monitoringThe style of communication was quite different and it was impossible to know for sure what the user thought of the brand or company. This has changed and Cool Tabs can help you do this.

Social Media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring: Active Listening

With active listening, you can discover your customers’ most honest opinions, in addition to obtaining information about them to find what they want, how to act and how to keep growing.

Active listening is related to customer service and the demands for it are increasing when it comes to connecting the brand with social media. On many occasions, the user likes to express their opinion, their complaints, and their experience, therefore it is very important to listen and try to give them the best possible answer.

If, for example, you are a mobile phone company and service is cut in a specific area of the city, if you decide to monitor the name of your company, you’ll be able to know everything that has been said about you, good or bad. Social Media monitoring also serves to remedy any rumors or comments that may be harmful to the image of your business.

Among the advantages of active listening, we find the ability to quickly detect errors that are being made or solve any problems that have been generated.  Keep in mind that the feedback generated by users will result in improvements for your brand or company when maintaining a relationship with the user.

Analyzing the Activity

If you choose to do Social Media monitoring, you can measure the activity of users through the analysis of their behavior (you will know the number of messages posted, the number of interactions, if they generate their own content…) or through the impact they may have on other users, which is known as online influence (number of followers, fans…).


It’s important to note that communication is now more personal than ever before, with the advantage of you being able to know what the user thinks of the brand, company or a specific product at all times. Acting quickly and effectively would lead to a good reputation both online and offline.

Social Media Monitoring Objectives

Do you know what the purpose of monitoring a profile or a word is? Monitoring could be defined as an online analysis of what is being said on the internet. Among its main objectives is the identification of the target audience, a very important aspect when it comes to defining who a particular brand, product or service will target.

The ability to observe user behavior when sharing content on a social network will allow you to create a content strategy based on their preferences and needs. This will help create a win-win situation, because your brand or company will create strategies that can generate real interest among users who, in turn, will have interesting content to look at.

Another objective would be to learn about the competition and why users may choose them over you. By Social Media monitoring, we can also be aware of the conflicts that are produced and their origins, in order to quickly find a solution and prevent the damage from spreading.

Social Media Monitoring: Online Reputation

The reflection of a brand or company’s prestige often depends on the management of its online reputation. With the help of keywords and Social Media monitoring, you can find out whether the comments that appear on social networks, blogs or forums have a positive, negative or neutral impact, which is very important when talking about communication.

What’s said on the internet can be a very powerful weapon in terms of prestige. If it’s positive then the talk generates interest, which will be very much in your favor. However, if the opposite occurs and the comments are negative, a solution will have to be found as soon as possible since this can influence other people.

To counteract the negative comments, the best thing to do is to quickly outline a plan in order to provide a solution to the criticisms, so that the problem doesn’t become any bigger and turn into a crisis. It’s important to also prevent these criticisms from occupying relevant positions on search engines.   We insist that an online reputation is a very important aspect that you will always need to look after in order for your brand to do well.

Monitoring in Cool Tabs

With our Social Media Analytics service, you can get detailed statistics and reports on the social networks that you manage: analysis of your followers when interacting with your posts, the operation of hashtags when generating debate, and comparisons with your competition.

To give you an example, at Cool Tabs, we have already done several of these Social Media monitorings. With the posts, you receive a detailed analysis of user interactions on Twitter, where you can see the number of users next to the reach and impressions of the tweets, the number of tweeters per day and per hour, the analysis of hashtags on the list of trending topics and the most frequently used hashtags, the posts with the most engagement and the most active users.


Do a Giveaway and Monitor It

Boost your brand on Instagram or Twitter with a giveaway in which users have to share an image or video on their profiles accompanied by the tag you have chosen. With this action, you will get engagement and, at the same time, you will be creating content related to your brand.

Did you like this idea and are you ready to implement it? Here we’ll leave you with one of our tutorials where we explain how to go about it.

And find out how to monitor the results of your campaign by UTM tracking. 

To Summarize

Knowing every detail about brands or companies through Social Media monitoring will help us to know exactly what users think of us on social networks and be aware of their reactions. With this tool, you can create a strategy in order to either improve or continue with the same strategy.

A correct analysis of social networks will help us to manage the brand or company’s online reputation, in addition to knowing the user better and offering something that really interests them.

Take the leap and monitor your company’s profile or the hashtag or word of your choosing, we’ll tell you how to do so here.


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