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Video Contest: A Complete Guide to do One on Social Networks (With Examples)


The fact that audiovisual content has grown notably on social media in recent years won’t be news to you. Video has been one of the key trends in the digital marketing world and it will continue to be so in the future. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to take advantage of its popularity with a video contest on social networks.


More and more users are spending time in front of a mobile device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or computer, watching videos on social media. YouTube is still the most popular, followed by Facebook. Although we must say that Instagram, the app that was born for photographs, is giving the other two a run for their money.

How to Do a Video Contest

Since time immemorial, Cool Tabs has been offering you the possibility to create video contests to attract and retain your audience on social networks.  You can do a video contest on social networks in which the user can upload the content from their own gallery, from YouTube, and from Vimeo.

If you choose to do your contest with the Cool Promo White Label app or the Cool Promo by Cool Tabs, users can access this type of contest from four different social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, they can do so anonymously, with which you would get their full name and email.

Here you can find our tutorial that you can take a look at in order to learn how to run this type of contest. Below, you’ll find examples of contests in which videos are the protagonists in one way or another.

Video contest on Facebook

If you wanted to do a contest among your Facebook followers, you could, for example, upload a video in a post and have users react to it. Among all those who meet this requirement, you can then randomly pick the winner.


Video contest on Instagram and Twitter 

Do you know what Instagram and Twitter have in common? Yes, hashtags! If you want to generate a social conversation around your brand on social media, one good idea is to do a video contest with hashtags (with the one of your choosing). In addition, with Cool Tabs, you can monitor the hashtag and find out what’s being said about your social media video contest.


Video contest on a microsite

If what you want to do is create a video contest on social media and also embed it on your website and/or blog, we provide you with a microsite so that you can post it wherever you’d like.


Voting Contest

If you want to make users feel part of your contest, you can always make a “Choose your favorite” video contest. Here, users have to upload a video in order to participate and they are ones who will then vote on the rest of the participants.

This example is interesting to do in phases, that is, the first week of the contest users will vote and then, for example, the five most voted videos will move on to the semifinal. The same will happen the following week and only three would move on to the final round, and in the last week the video that received the most votes from users will be named the winner. Sounds good, right? Here we tell you how to do it.


Characteristics of Video Giveaways

  • Uploading a video to participate can either be mandatory or optional: In a video contest on social networks, you usually want all participants to add their video in order to be part of the contest, but if you prefer, you can make this optional and allow them to participate with a text or photo.
  • Pre-moderate participation: In addition to the option of activating our antifraud system for both the participants themselves and the voting, you can pre-moderate participants to accept only those videos that are in line with your contest. This option appears in the section “Dates and configuring participants“.
  • Responsive design and access from desktops and mobile devices: Our applications are adapted to mobile devices and offer you a custom URL for your campaigns that is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, so users can participate from wherever they want and whenever they’d like.
  • Customize the contest’s design with CSS: In addition to choosing the main image, the background image, the font type and color, etc., you can further customize the design of your campaign by including your own stylesheet in the “Design” section of the contest configuration form.
  • Obtain data from participants and voters or capture leads: If you do a giveaway with a participation form, participants will always be asked for their name, surname and email by default, but you can also ask for other information that you consider relevant, such as their telephone, address, country, or you can ask them if they wish to receive your offers and/or newsletter. For voters, you can exclusively ask for their email address when voting.
  • The size of the videos should not exceed 100MB and any format is accepted (if the videos are uploaded to the application). If you have any other needs, don’t hesitate to let us know.

The social networks themselves consider audiovisual content to be important because their users give them clues that show that they like and use this content. Now, while it’s true that video is a fundamental part of content on social media, there are other more specific reasons as to why a brand should create a video contest.

Why do a video contest on social media?

  1. Users’ widespread interest in videos on social media: This type of content stirs up a lot of interest and video viewing data is increasing in relation to other types of content that is generated on social media.   Normally on social media you have to take advantage of the rise in certain practices or trends in order to attract the attention of those who can potentially become our customers, because tomorrow their interest may go elsewhere. Getting a user to invest their time in looking at your content means knowing more about them and offering them exactly what they’re looking for right when they’re looking for it, and what we know is that right now users are looking for audiovisual content during the time they spend on social networks.
  2. Ease of uploading videos from computers or mobile phones directly to your profile on all social networks: Recording and sharing videos instantly is, without a doubt, very simple to do. Why not require your users to share their audiovisual material in a contest created by your brand?
  3. Quality content generated by users: With a video contest on social networks, you get new audiovisual content generated by your followers, for the rest of your followers. If you do a good job, you can then use that content for your brand’s actions.
  4. Quick and easy to do: Depending on the type of social media video contest that you want to do, it’ll require more or less work. If you decide to have users upload a video accompanied by a hashtag, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes.
  5. An effective and entertaining way to stimulate the community: The formula you were looking for to manage your social networks by providing your followers with different content may not be as complicated as you think. At Cool Tabs, we have many options that serve to grow your community and build loyalty, but video contests on social networks are without a doubt a fantastic option if you’ve never tried them before.
  6. Greater diffusion: If you do a video contest on social networks in which users have to upload a video, all of your users who pay attention to that post will automatically become more familiar with your brand.
  7. Generate engagement: As we’ve explained before, there are several ways of doing video giveaways on social networks. Be creative and make an original contest that goes viral and reaches even more users.

Examples of video contests

To illustrate everything we’ve just explained in this post, we have chosen some real examples from our clients who have chosen to do a video contest on social media.

City of Alcalá Challenge

The City Council of Alcalá de Henares wanted to challenge the city’s inhabitants to show that they took care of the city and kept it clean. The dynamics were very simple, anyone who uploaded a video to the platform of them doing something good for Alcalá entered the giveaway to win a check for €300.


 Volapié Flamenco Tour

The Andalusian franchise of “gastro-taverns”, Volapié, organized a video contest on social media in which all those who wanted to participate had to upload a video of them dancing. This contest was aimed at helping young people who had just started doing flamenco dancing.


“Livres Para Festivalar”

Evax has prepared a campaign for Portugal in which, in order for users to participate, they have to upload a video of them having a great time dancing with their BFF.


If you have any questions, we recommend that you:

Create a video contest with Cool Tabs now and see the results for yourself >>


  1. Video contest on social media is necessary to show your talent and make more & more customers. When you provide quality and informative content to your users to read it will bring them more closer to your website. So from the next time whenever you post content they will read your post first.

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      The video consumption by social network users is increasing and this is a great opportunity, that brands should not miss, to generate UGC and branding.
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