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Customised Social Walls for your events, the new Cool Tabs product

Customised Social Walls for events

Today there is no event that is not followed through social networks. By creating a specific hashtag for the event or related to the brand that we are trying to spread, we encourage users to comment on it on social networks such as Instagram or Twitter, and have an impact that way. And with a little luck, it may even become a trending topic. 

If we have achieved visibility on social networks, why not use that information that is being generated in real time? At Cool Tabs we have taken that step forward and have just launched a new product, Social Walls, to show social network conversations about an event, brand or business.

Social Wall: manages and projects what is said about your brand or event

With your Social Wall you can collect the information published on different social networks about your brand, business or event and moderate it by filtering the content, and then project it on a screen in a completely customised format.

Where to use your Social Wall


This is, perhaps, one of the most widespread uses of Social Walls. It is increasingly common for an event or conference to project publications generated by attendees on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram on one or more screens.  


Another of the applications of this customised solution, which collects social conversations in real time, is to integrate a Social Hub into a website. For example, the website of a hotel or restaurant could use a carousel to show the images and publications that its customers have posted on Twitter and Instagram during their visit. In this way, users connecting to the website to get information and/or contract the service would see the publications of the customers on social networks, with these potentially being determining factors in their purchases.

Shops, establishments and offices

It may also be beneficial to a brand to implement a Social Wall in your shop or office. If you are looking to increase engagement with your customers and try to positively influence their purchasing, one way to achieve this is through this new product.

Customers that visit a fashion boutique or a restaurant, for example, will be able to see tweets, photos and videos that other customers have uploaded on screens: being well attended by waiters or shop assistants, how the product is once it is assembled, how the purchased garment sits, etc.

How Social Walls work

When integrating the service with Twitter and Instagram, the content from these social networks will be collected. From the moment you activate your Social Wall you will start collecting those publications in real time.

But is everything published in the Social Walls? Don’t worry, through our filters and tools you can moderate those publications, filtering what you do or do not want to project. Through this content curation we will avoid streaming unwanted or inappropriate content to attendees of an event or to customers.

You can project this information by customising the design of your Social Wall: logo, colours, background image. Also, if you prefer to have your own Social Wall design, just tell us and we’ll get on with it.

What benefits are there for your brand or event?

One of the main benefits of Social Walls is the increase in engagement on social networks as well as with the brand or business itself.  By displaying attendees’ publications in real time, you’ll be making them an active participant. In addition, you will encourage them to generate even more content, since many attendees or customers will hope to see their photo or tweet on the screen. 

Not only will you be able to generate engagement on social networks for the event or for your brand or business. Social Walls has the option of generating live statistics and rankings. Both the attendees of an event and the organisers will know which are the most successful publications and a ranking of the most active users will be shown.

Make a difference to your event or business with your Social Wall!

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