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Stranger Things 2: The Social Conversation Generated on Twitter

After over a year waiting for our fav series, last Friday the 27th of October Stranger Things released its second season with nine new chapters. Cool Tabs wanted to know what users said about the world première on Twitter. The second season is  even darker than the previous one, but equally thrilling!

The new season, like many Netflix series, was released all around the world at the same time. The social conversation related to the première on Twitter was huge.

Social Media analysis of Stranger Things 2

We monitored Stranger Things from the 26th of October (a day before the second season was released) until the 28th, a day right after it. The social conversation about the series reached a high number of tweets: 93.000, sent by 70.4 contributors, and reaching 1.830 millions of impressions. From the total number of tweets, 39.800 are original posts.

stranger things

Among the users with more number of tweets, we can find such as Daily Express, PopSugar or Fox Cinemas.

stranger things

Eleven, the most mentioned character 

Stranger Things‘ followers were looking forward to its second season, especially the comeback of one of its main characters: Eleven. She appeared on 1.080 different tweets. In the ranking of the most mentioned characters of Stranger Things, we can also find Will, Mike and Dustin, with 770,  379 and 373 tweets each one. We can also find a new face in this list: Max, who got 130 mentions on Twitter.  

World premiere 

People were eager to watch the new season of Stranger Things, which was reflected in the terms that were used to talk about the premiere on Twitter: watched, watch, watching, episode, S02e01, S02e02, S02e0 o S02e06 were some of them. A lot of users didn’t only watch the first episode, but binge-watched the entire series in one night.

The world première was followed with great expectation, especially in countries like the US, the UK or Brazil. These countries concentrated the 54,7%, 11,5% and 10% of the tweets, respectively. Most of the tweets were written in English: 64.800.

Both men and women were equally active while tweeting about the Stranger Things season 2 world premiere. Besides, to talk about it on Twitter, users used different hashtags, such as #StrangerThings, which was used 73.698 times; and #StrangerThings2, 11.876 times.

hashtags Stranger Things 2

Have a look at the complete analysis of Stranger Things here.

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