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Technical improvements in the participation form

Improvements in the participation form

Improvements in the participation form

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some improvements in the form of participation that we think you will like, especially because some of you had asked for them and we felt we should take into account your requests and develop them.

What are these improvements?

1. Participation with image or video is optional and not mandatory

What does this mean? Up to now when we selected users to participate with image or video, it was mandatory to participate with the two things we had selected necessarily. What happened? As participant it was easy  to back down, if you had to necessarily participate with three different things (text, image and video) or even with only two of them (text and image or text and video), if what was required was difficult.

Now you can decide whether the users can upload a picture or video and if they must make on a compulsory basis or optional. (Note: If you check the box “To participate, users have to answer a question”, it is still required to respond to the question text, that is to say, if this option is marked, it is not optional, always required fill).

Let’s see the change visually in the participation form configuration:

Participation form configuration: Before and now

2. Custom header for the participation form.

We have created a header to appear before the participation form. What is the point? The rationale for this new header is to provide more information to the participant. Imagine that we want the user to answer questions about a video or an image, … So what better to include this image or video just above the form so the user can see it as many times as necessary to answer the question or questions. Previously, this information was given only in the main image of the promotion, so the user had to go back, if he wanted to see again this type of information.

This new header is created with an editor, so you can upload an image, text or html directly (with a video, for example). It is a new space for creativity that offers many possibilities, it’s a matter of playing with the spaces of the form. You can find this option at the end of headland “Participation form configuration” (Item 6 of Cool Promo and  7 of Buzz Promo).

Header form content

And that’s all … For now, of course! We will keep you informed of all the possibilities that we offer you in our applications. And if you have any suggestions, you know where to find us.

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