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The curious case of Dulcesol cakes

Dulcesol: Choose your favourite cake

The curious case of Dulcesol cakes: 100.000 fansThe 16th of October 2012 was a very important day for Spanish cakes and pastries producer Dulcesol. They were not aware of it but, from that day on, their fan page would be never again what it used to be. This was the day when their first promotion with Cool Tabs was launched. It was a Cool Promo Lite, which is our short version of the Cool Promo that can be be tried for free. The number of fans started to increase little by little until they reached 20,000 on the 23rd of January. It was there and then when the key promotions were created. Three editions of the “Choose your favourite cake” promotion were organised, one of them entitled “Choose your favourite Dulcesol Swiss roll“. The promos were very simple. Participants just needed to become fans of Dulcesol and choose the product they liked the most. The prize: A box filled of Dulcesol, cakes or Swiss rolls, obviously. This is how they managed to get more than 100,000 fans.

Dulcesol: Choose your favourite cake


After some experiences with other companies, we finally switched to Cool Tabs because it was simple, efficient, it suited our budget, and the functions included were enough to meet our objectives. The Cool Promo allowed us to achieve massive virality thanks to the various promotions being simple and attractive and to their multiple sharing possibilities. Promotions are rapidly and efficiently created due to their nature and the simplicity of the platform.

Alberto García Romero
Brand Manager of Grupo Dulcesol

Dulcesol keys to success

  • What better prize than a box filled with the most demanded products: Something that is often overlooked when designing the prize for a promotion is the fact that, if users have become fans of your page, they have done it for a reason. In this example Dulcesol went for a very simple prize: its own product. At the end of the day, the prize’s monetary value is not that important. Try to put yourself into the shoes of the user, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a box filled of delicious cakes?
  • Think of your fansDulcesol promotions have a key strength: they are not intended to get a massive number of automatic Likes, this is maybe why they are so successful. Their promotions look more like a satisfaction survey than a contest since they usually include a single question like: “What is the cake / product that you like the most?
  • A very simple competition: Some contests ask participants to meet many requirements in order to participate, which may discourage them from applying. As we said earlier, Dulcesol simply asks a single question. Participants just need to fill in a very simple questionnaire with their details and answer the question. They don’t need to invest a great deal of time. And this is why they have achieved large numbers of fans, because participants have nothing to lose, not even a minute.
  • An efficient engagement that lasts over time: As far as the content goes, Dulcesol‘s social media strategy is very strong. They post recipes of cakes that are similar to their cakes on their fan page to give users some ideas of the various possibilities of their cakes. Moreover, they keep fans informed about new products and deals. Then, they look at the success of their posts in relation to a new product or recipe and launch promotions accordingly. All the contents are strongly related to each other. These kinds of questions are often found in their Facebook updates: “What do you think? Should we launch the third edition of the Dulcesol cakes promotion? ”. Then, you can see how hundreds of fans give their agreement by clicking on the “Like” button and liven up the page with their comments so that the promotion is finally launched. There is an enviable link between Dulcesol and its fans.
  • Appropriate sharing and languageDulcesol encourages fans to participate on a daily basis. Accessible language and pictures of the products users can win are often used. Another important thing they do very well is to include the link provided by Cool Tabs in order for users to take part in the promotion regardless of the device they use to participate.

All in all, we can say that Dulcesol promotions are successful because they are not just random promotions, but they contribute valuable content to their fan page, which allows them to reward fans for their engagement and attract more people. We have put together some of the keys to a successful promotion or competition in our Practical guide on how to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook promotions. We suggest you have a look to get some ideas.

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