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The hashtag has come to Facebook

Facebook hashtags

Facebook has already hashtags

In the evolution of social networks there are many cases of “if something works, it is copied” and this is what has happened with the hashtag on Facebook. Its use in Twitter, proper or improperly, has worked very well and the idea is that the same happens in the great Social Network. Thus, categorization, order and increased visibility of the topics most relevant on Facebook have come.

How does it work?

Exactly as in Twitter. If you include a hashtag in your status, you can click on it, this displays a Lighbox and you will see content that has been posted with the hashtag. You can also access them through the url:

The privacy is not at risk: The content you will see when you click on a hashtag will be public or of your friends. That is, if you post a content with a hashtag and determine that is only visible to your friends, people coming to see the content published under that hashtag and not a friend of yours, will not see it.

A good resource for brands

Until now, the content we could access on Facebook was very limited, because we could see what our contacts published or what our friends shared from friends and publications of Facebook pages or groups, but nothing more. Therefore, a lot of content that was published daily in this network was wasted because it never got much further than the friends of your friends. Now the visibility of the publications we consider interesting for those who want to know more about a topic will increase exponentially.

In this way, brands can use a hashtag for:

  • Each of their online campaigns, promotions or contests.
  • Events of any kind.
  • Publications related to each other.

And they may use the same hashtag in all their social networks, which will make easier their marketing actions, using the same code and the same style for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+.

How can I take advantage of the hashtag of Facebook on my promotions and contests?

  1. Assign a hashtag to your promo: A descriptive hashtag associated with the campaign slogan and with the brand, not very difficult to understand or remember.
  2. When you share your promo on your Facebook page, in addition to always include the URL that we provide for mobile, adds the hashtag you have determined.
  3. When you set up the promotion, do not forget to select “Enable share in wall” in section “Additional Data” and add your hashtag in the texts which will be shared (publication does not have to be automatic, the user can choose whether to share the contest or participation on Facebook or not, but if it does, better than your hashtag is included).
  4. In the “Text will be shown when users tweet about your promotion” (section of “Twitter Integration” in the configuration form of promotion), do not forget to include that same hashtag to unify communication in both social networks.

Just meeting these four points, the communication of your promotion will have improved significantly.

Still you have not seen the result of this new feature of Facebook? Well take a look, for example, to: We hope you take advantage of this new option to the max! (Making the most, but properly. Let’s try that the new hashtag to be useful! 😉 )

Start now to create your promotion with Cool Tabs including your custom hashtag.

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