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The Runner: an interactive game to energize your online audience

Brands are increasingly looking for creative ways to get in contact with their followers, users and customers in online environments (social networks, web, e-commerce…). Therefore, gamification campaigns, based on gameplay experiences, are presented as one of the most dynamic and innovative options to interact and generate engagement. Among the gamification actions that you can create with Cool Tabs, we have a mechanic based on arcade games, The Runner, which allows you to create and customize your own interactive game.

interactive game

What is The Runner interactive game about?

The Runner is an interactive online game, inspired by classic arcade games. Participants have to advance through a scene while avoiding obstacles and catching bonuses.

Challenge users to stay in the game as long as possible. There’s no ever-ending! The longer they hold out and the more bonuses they collect, the more points they score.

Benefits of The Runner mechanics

  • Energize your audience: this format, based on a game, will engage your users. The Runner also has the attraction of having the appearance of the classic arcade games.
  • Attract online audience: you will be able to capture the attention of users of social networks or those who come to your website. Invite them to participate and challenge them to get the highest score.
  • Get leads: this type of action, which allows you to reach a larger audience, is perfect for enabling a registration form to obtain personal data from potential customers.
  • Viralization: once you have managed to impact and challenge your audience, invite them to share the action. Linking this type of campaign to rewards encourages its viralization. For this reason, we recommend rewarding the participants with the highest score.
  • Increase brand awareness: create a memorable experience, but don’t forget to design a game identifiable with your brand, products and/or services.

Game features

  • The Runner format is available in two versions: default configuration and customizable.
    • Default layout: if you don’t have much knowledge of design or simply don’t have time to waste, you can opt for the Space Runner layout, which we have configured by default. This design has an animated character, an astronaut, who must run through space, dodging aliens and catching stars with dots.
    • Custom design: you can create your own interactive game, 100% customizable, without extensive programming or design knowledge. Custom settings allow you to include images of your own scene, character (static or animated), obstacles and bonuses, as well as upload your own background, music and sound effects for the game.
interactive game Space Runner

Space Runner by Cool Tabs

  • Landing and data form fully configurable, to adapt them to your look & feel and needs.
  • Responsive design and compatible with any device.
  • It can be published in any digital channel (social networks, web, blog…) through the URL that we provide you when creating your interactive game with The Runner format.
  • It can also be embedded (web, app…), through HTML code or spread with a QR code.
  • Possibility to link the action to a sweepstake among all participants or among the highest scorers.

Ideas to create your own The Runner game

In addition to attracting users, capturing leads and providing entertainment, The Runner mechanics can help you reach other objectives. For example:

  • Generate brand image: a game in which the protagonist has to catch as many brand logos as possible.
  • Publicize an event: an interactive online game can be an important part of the campaign to publicize a social or sporting event… This is precisely what VOGUE did for its Fashion Night In 2020. The publication designed a completely virtual experience, with digital proposals related to fashion. It highlighted its Fashion Runner, an online campaign with an interactive game.
interactive game

Vogue interactive game

  • Promote a new product: a videogame can also be an original and striking way to communicate and promote the launch of a new product. For example, a beauty brand launching a new perfume can create an entertaining interactive game in which the protagonist has to catch perfumes.
  • Spreading values or raising awareness of an issue: the game can accompany an awareness campaign, for example, about Covid-19 vaccines. So the protagonist of the game can be a nurse, who catches doses and dodges the virus. Below, you can see a DEMO of the Covid-19 Runner game, created with Cool Tabs.
interactive game

Covid Runner by Cool Tabs

How to create your own The Runner interactive game?

The Runner format is included in the Gold and Diamond plans of Cool Tabs. It is also possible to create your interactive game with the 7-day free trial, which allows you to try any of the platform’s plans and use unlimited applications included.

As you have seen, to create your game you don’t need any design knowledge. You can use the design we have configured by default: Space Runner.

Create and configure your The Runner game now. If you need more information, contact us at

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