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Publicity Campaign: Tips and Tricks to Getting Trafic and Making your Promo Go Viral


Carrying out a good publicity campaign is one of the most important parts to determining the success of your promotion.  And the fact of the matter is that no matter how good of an idea you may have: if it isn’t advertised correctly, it won’t achieve your objectives, go viral and get more traffic. 


Beyond the promotion itself, there are many other channels on which you can create your publicity campaign. If you’re looking for information on how to make your campaigns go viral, you’ve come to the right place?.

In this post, we will review and show you how to get traffic and make your promotions go viral through the use of a good publicity campaign, with real examples. Should we get started?

Make your campaign go viral with Cool Tabs

With Cool Tabs, you’ll be able to make your promotions enter the “viral” category. When a participant shares the campaign, the link can redirect to the participation of said user or to the contest’s landing page.

Therefore, if you want to get more participation, don’t forget to activate the option so that by sharing the campaign, that link will take you to the contest’s main landing page.  This will attract greater participation from your friends and followers.

In the “go viral” section of the menu where you create your campaign, you can customize a pop-up in which you suggest participants follow your social media profiles.  You can choose one or several fan pages, as well as one or more profiles. Do a good job choosing the copy you want to appear on the said pop-up, it will be your call to action.

It’s important to include these options in the campaigns you launch?.

Keys to creating a publicity campaign and get traffic with it

There are a few aspects that usually guarantee a successful dissemination of your promotion.  In this regard, pay special attention to details such as:

  • Plan out the content. Schedule the content that will make up the promotion as well as the creatives and phases that your promo will include. This will allow you to have full control over the action. Planning will always be a must for your strategy. In addition, Cool Tabs offers you the possibility to monitor your profile and thus discover which hours are best for posting.
  • Communicate the action. It’s not enough to simply post your promo. The trick is to generate anticipation, communicate the different phases of the contest, send out reminders and encourage communication on different channels.  (Below we’ll outline which dissemination channels we’re talking about)
  • Customize the promotion. There are many brands that launch interesting campaigns every day. The key to standing out is to personalize yours as much as possible so that just by looking at it, users can identify it with your brand.                                                                                                                                              With Cool Tabs, completely customizing your campaigns and offering differentiating content is very simple. You can customize everything, from the landing page for participating, to the messages that appear when sharing the result obtained after participating. In addition, our template system is perfect for achieving unique results without having to put in too much work.
  • Make your campaign visible. There are many options when it comes to making your campaign visible. The classic way is to adapt your social media profiles to the campaign you have launched. Change the cover images and pin the promotion’s post to the top of your wall, make it be seen! Use our custom URLs system to know where the traffic to your promotion is coming from. You can share your campaign using the content widget that we provide you with and that you can easily put in your blog, on your website, or both.
  • Prepare accessible promotions. More and more users are accessing online content with their smartphone. Keep your eye on this audience (which is growing) and prepare contests that adapt to a mobile format. Can we tell you a secret? You can also do this with Cool Tabs.

Custom URLs system

Cool Tabs offers you the option to have a custom URL for each social network or place where you want to share your campaign: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, newsletter… This will help you to know where the largest number of participants in your campaign is coming from, and thus take advantage of this momentum.

If your objective is to launch a campaign on different social networks, why use the same URL for everything? Here we explain how to obtain these custom links.

Here is an example of the same advertising campaign posted on different social networks.


The first part of the image would correspond to the post on Instagram, which had 1,233 clicks on the first few days after launching the campaign. The last would correspond to Twitter. And finally, the one that has generated the most traffic would be Facebook with 4,625 clicks.

Publicity campaign: go viral and get traffic through these channels

When it comes to making your marketing campaigns go viral, there are different channels available. If you want to go viral and get traffic with your publicity campaign, our recommendation is to pay attention to:

  • Social Networks. Even if the campaign you’re launching isn’t on any social network in particular, don’t dismiss the possibilities offered by these platforms when communicating your actions.  Adapt the message to each one of them and help yourself with the custom links that we mentioned before in order to make your campaigns more visible. Encourage your participants to share it on other networks as well, such as WhatsApp or Snapchat. They can become very powerful sources of traffic!
  • Email marketing. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools you can use (as long as you have a good database). Prepare a flashy newsletter and a do a preliminary analysis to determine the best time to communicate your campaign. Include the link to your campaign so that users can access it from the newsletter. Send a previous newsletter to generate anticipation and choose a powerful call to action.
  • Blog. Use your blog’s traffic to communicate the launch of your campaign. Your blog is another channel for dissemination. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a post explaining the campaign, how to participate, the prize or prizes and any other aspects that you believe are important to highlight. You can also include it on your website or on other types of media.
  • Ads. More than an expense, making an investment in ads to share your campaign is an aspect that can’t be left out. If you want to reach a broader social audience and ensure your publicity campaign is a success, you need to allocate a part of the budget (as your circumstances permit) to advertising on social networks.
  • Advocate marketing. Getting support from third parties to spread your actions and campaigns will be very helpful. The key is to choose the influencer that shares certain aspects with your brand and who will collaborate in spreading the word. You can also carry out cobranding actions. In unity there’s strength!

Examples of publicity campaigns

To illustrate all of the above, we have selected 3 promotions made with Cool Tabs, which were all a success.

Juguettos Advent Calendar

The toy brand, Juguettos, prepared an advent calendar with us to celebrate the arrival of Christmas with their community.


While it’s true that these types of interactive dynamics have become fashionable in recent years, the case of Juguettos was a success. Taking advantage of Cool Tab’s Instant Win application, they raffled off a prize among their fans every day from December 1st to the 25th.  It was as simple as clicking on a window to find out if you had won or not.

With this promotion, they obtained a conversion rate of more than 70%. Excellent proof that this type of campaign, very simple to participate in, can be a huge success. In addition, this campaign went viral mostly thanks to the users, who shared it on their social networks like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.  They also used other channels such as a newsletter or blog to spread it around and made a small investment in ads to give it even more momentum.

Palladium Group, a cobranding action

The case of the Palladium hotel group is proof that cobranding works and how!


With the aim of attracting qualified leads, they joined forces with the “Viajeros Piratas” travel platform.  The format was very simple: Do you want to go to the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife? Click and fill in the form?.

With this simple but successful action, they achieved a conversion rate of 30% and obtained more than 5,000 qualified leads. Not bad, right? The idea was that the hotel group would be able to capture data from the users of the Viajeros Piratas platform.

One point to highlight was the communication strategy that both brands followed, which was focused on daily diffusion on their social media profiles.

Domino’s Pizza, content related to their buyer persona

The case of the well-known pizza brand, Domino’s Pizza, is also worth highlighting. In this case, the success of the action lay in the tandem of quality content and paid ads.


The campaign consisted of a comments-based giveaway on Instagram, coupled with a coupon campaign. They used 2 posts in particular. Users only had to participate on Instagram, sign up for the promotion through their profile on this social network, and once the participation was registered, they found out if they had won 3 codes to be exchanged for pizzas.

In the end, they managed to increase their community with more than 16,000 new fans. The case of Domino’s is the perfect example of how offering specific content to your followers along with an ads strategy can be the recipe for success.

Characteristics of a viral campaign

To summarize, let’s review the characteristics that viral campaigns tend to have in common. We say “tend to” because there are no rules that are set in stone, but guidelines to be followed:

  • Promotions that encourage participation. Did you notice what the 3 examples we discussed in the previous point had in common? Exactly! Formats with simple participation and an attractive prize. The less you ask of users, the higher the participation rate you’ll achieve.
  • Formats that work. Launching an Instant Win, a discount code campaign, a campaign with coupons or a referrals contest are all formats that will help you to go viral. Participating in these types of dynamics is the simplest. And the best thing of all? With Cool Tabs, you’ll have access to the data in real time.
  • Pay attention to design. It’s all about grabbing people’s attention. So prepare all the creatives following the style of your brand image and personalize your campaign as much as possible. Did you know that with Cool Tabs you can add your custom CSS and HTML? This way you’ll manage to give your campaign some personality.
  • Originality. Whenever you make a campaign, try to be as original as possible. Do a brainstorming with your team, you’ll definitely come up with some very cool ideas. In addition, adapt the content to your customers and buyers as much as you can.
  • Video marketing. On other occasions, we’ve talked about the huge benefits of video marketing. Whenever you have the chance to prepare a cool video, go for it!
  • Hashtag. Pick a memorable hashtag that’s easy to remember. This way, users can easily find and share your promotion.

Did you find this post about a publicity campaign useful? Don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience. At Cool Tabs, we encourage you to pull out all the stops when it comes to preparing your viral campaign. By taking all these aspects into account, it’ll definitely be a success.

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