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Twitter Cards for Your Promos and Sweepstakes

Twitter Cards: Mobile version and Desktop version

Just in case you don’t know what Twitter Cards are about, they’re basically rich content for Twitter, both for its web as well as for its mobile version. They give us a preview of the content that we are attaching, which usually consists on a title, a description, the author and image, an image gallery, an audio or a video.

It’s a way to go beyond the tweet’s 140 characters, like Twitter states in their developers site where they promote their use.

Twitter Cards: Mobile version and Desktop version

Twitter Cards’ Advantages

This preview of content attached from a tweet has four main advantages:

  1. Enhances brand building efforts.
  2. Obtains traffic that is more engaged with your site or app by providing context and a preview of what the user will find, so only users who are really interested in seeing the full content will click.
  3. Allows you to control what the rich content will look like in the tweet, so it’s in your hands to make it attractive.
  4. Since Twitter Cards include the Twitter account that creates the content, they improve the chances of getting followers who are attracted by that type of content.

How are Twitter Cards for your promos and sweepstakes created with our apps?

If you want to create Twitter Cards for your blog or your web, David Walsh tells you how to do it. However, if what you want are Twitter Cards for tweets leading to your promos and sweepstakes, our apps make that option easy for you. How?

Cool Tabs' Applications: Twitter Integration

  • By the time you complete this section (specifically the two highlighted), you’ll know already what tweet will be shared by users, who they’ll attribute the promo or sweepstakes to, and we will complete the remaining data in the Twitter Card. Easy as pie. Just so that you know, we’ll choose the following info:
  1. Title: We will include your promo’s title.
  2. Description: We will select the first 200 characters that describe your promo.
  3. Image: We will add the image that you include in “Image to show on the user’s Facebook wall when they share” (field that shows inside your promo’s settings form in the “Additional Data” section). If no image was added for this option, then the promo’s main image will show.

Here goes an example of what Twitter Cards look like in a promo or contest with a tweet that connects to our photo contest demo “Photo Contest Example”:

Twitter Card Example

Benefitting from Twitter Cards’ advantages with Cool Tabs is that easy  

Start using our promos and sweepstakes apps now and create their Twitter Card! >>

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