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Updating Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label: multiple ‘Like’


Many of you had asked for this new functionality and it is now available: It is now possible on our applications cool promo and cool promo white label  to request users to become fans of more than one website for them to be able to participate. This functionality is ideal for campaigns which are linked to two different brands and are aimed at promoting them both at the same time.

When Can You Use This Functionality?

  • To promote a secondary brand or product through the promotion of a more well-known one.
  • To be able to promote a set of products from the same brand at the same time and with exactly the same intensity.
  • For campaigns where some brands get together in order to achieve a more significant impact in social networks.

It’s pretty easy to set up a promotion with this new functionality. We are now going to explain the process step by step:

1. Firstly, you need to enable the function “Users need to be fan of the page to be able to participate“. This function makes users become fans of a website to participate.

2. The next function that needs to be enabled is “Users need to be fan of múltiple facebook pages to be able to participate“. When this function is enabled, a text box called “Pages the user needs to be fan of” will be automatically displayed for us to enter the url/urls for the Facebook websites we want users to become fans of. If we want to add more than one website, a comma should be used to separate them. The urls provided need to be valid Facebook websites (such as, o



If this functionality is enabled and set up so users need to become fans of Cool Tabs and Cool Promos‘s Facebook websites, the following message will be shown when users want to take part in the promotion:


In order for the user to join the promotion, s/he will need to become fan of both pages.

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