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How to Use Facebook for Selling

Facebook works for selling

How to Use Facebook for Selling

Anyone who manages a Facebook page has at some time wondered “How am I benefitting from having x number of fans? Why would I need more? What I really want are sales!” Well, the truth is that Facebook works for selling. It is in fact the social network that more social traffic and sales generates. With 1,200 million active users, Facebook drove 63% of the visits from social media to online stores, which implies 23.3 million visits. Also, it accounts for 85% of the social sales, and its conversion rate is the highest in social media, at 1.85%. The industries that most benefit from Facebook sales are photography, sports, and pet accessories.

You can check all facts regarding sales from social media in this Shopify graphic.

The point is that social media users are the most active ones. According to Nielsen, 70% of them purchase online 12% more than the average Internet user. So, a key strategy to increase sales it’s to attract potential customers through social media, offering them options that encourage conversion.

Ideas to Sell Through Facebook

All the ideas we share below are conceived for Facebook pages, not for user profiles. So if you don’t have a business page yet, you must create one first. That way you’ll meet Facebook’s Terms and Conditions and obtain some additional benefits not available for user profiles.

1. Create a Facebook app with your online store

If this is the social media with the highest conversion rate when it comes to selling, what would beat including our store in Facebook so that users don’t have to visit another site to purchase? To launch this option, you may use the different platforms offering this service. It can be easily done from Cool Tabs, thanks to our External Content Tab. There, we just request your store’s URL. The only thing you’ll have to do is to adapt it with the zoom provided by this app to Facebook’s width. It is that simple!

Features of this option:

  • Direct purchases from Facebook
  • No need to create an additional store for social media
  • The External Content Tab application is 100% responsive, so if your store is too, it will adapt perfectly to mobile devices.
  • You can sell physical products or services, but also downloadable products.
  • Your store’s look & feel won’t change, so your brand image will remain consistent.

External Content Tabs: Cool Tabs' prices

We recommend you to share every so often the External Content Tab URL with your online store that is compatible with mobile devices on your Facebook wall. This way, users will be able to access it from their cell phones and tablets.

2. Share links to your products on your Facebook page wall

Don’t share a link to your site or store’s main page, share a link to one of your products and tell your fans about its features and quality. Try to avoid the mistake of sharing a photo of one of your products without including a link: you’d be wasting a great opportunity to see your store’s shopping carts filled.

Share links to your products on your Facebook page wall

You can also upload that Facebook Fan Page update with the link to one of your products in your website or blog by using the “Insert Publication” option. Who knows, maybe your blog’s readers will decide to visit your store (the regular one or the Facebook app store) after seeing that embedded post. In short, sharing links to direct products increases your chances of attracting traffic and generating more sales.

Embed Facebook Post

3. Promoting your products or campaigns using the Facebook cover photo

Some time ago, when Facebook made it possible to include text in the cover image, we commented the possibility of making campaigns more visible by using the cover photo in the fan page. In addition to promoting promos and sweepstakes, the cover photo can also increase the visibility of your products and services. If you choose this option, don’t forget to include in the image description a direct link to the product being advertised to help users access its characteristics, thus facilitating the purchase.

Promoting your products or campaigns using the Facebook cover photo

Including your product or service in your cover photo is not enough. Every so often you need to share it with your fans. How? Just click on “Share” in the image, or copy the URL that appears in the browser when you click on the cover photo. This is important, because your fans don’t usually enter your Facebook page, they see your publications in their timelines instead.

These are some ideas to promote sales using Facebook. If you think of others, please don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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