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Benefits of User Generated Content and Content Curation for your marketing strategy

User Generated Content is a recent concept that has been growing in popularity because Social Media and especially social networks have changed the way consumers communicate, inform and also relate to brands. In this online environment, which has left traditional advertising behind, the user navigates within infoxication. That’s why brands started to worry about offering quality contents, integrating Content Marketing in their marketing strategies.

Through interesting content creation and distribution, brands respond to followers information demands, creating narrower relationships between the brand and its customers. Nevertheless, users have started to demand not only quality, but also transparency, to create a sincere and authentic relationship with brands. But how do brands gain credibility? The answer is User Generated Content.

User Generated Content

There is a concept that has became increasingly important in marketing  and content strategies. That concept is known as User Generated Content (UGC).

44% of users decide to buy a product or service based on the comments , feedback and ideas of other customers

User Generated Content is all the content that users generate on the Internet. This can be generated on their Social Media profiles, discussion forums or blogs, through comments, images, videos, etc.
User Generated Content (UGC)

According to a recent study conducted by the consultancy company PwC, social networks influence the purchase decision of 78% of the customers. Also, 44% of them decide to buy a product or service based on the comments that other customers make. Another survey states that 97% of the millenials post content on Social Media when they are travelling. So, the conclusion is that User Generated Content is becoming increasingly relevant in the purchase process.

Why don’t you use those posts in your marketing strategy to attract potential customers, create engagement and gain conversions? Your customers could be your best brand ambassadors.

How to integrate UGC in your marketing strategy

We can find one of the best examples of content curation and User Generated Content in the catering and hospitality sectors. Hotel chains, restaurants or stores will find in it a huge asset when it comes to strengthen their marketing strategies.

To integrate UGC in their marketing strategy, brands must incentivize it. These are some examples of how to do it:

  • Make call to actions, so users can generate content related to your brand, For instance, contests and sweepstakes where your followers need to post images, texts or videos about your products or services. Reward the participants or winners with prizes according to the efforts that your followers need to make to participate in it: romantic dinners, event tickets, free stays…
  • Encourage your users to post pictures and videos of your services or facilities.  For example, a hotel room, an event… A good way is to make sure that your facilities are original and different.
  • Share posts where your followers name your brand and interact with them.  You can also post reviews that your users publish on travel or tourism websites or forums.
  • Encourage them to share their experience creating your own hashtag as well. Your users will find easier to tag your brand, and it will help you to follow their activity.  Your followers may also use a certain hashtag to, for example, ask for a beverage while they are enjoying the swimming pool.
  • Post that content on Social Walls. You can do it on your own website or display your content in a screen during an event.

Content Curation and User Generated Content

Obviously, including USC in your marketing strategy requires a previous content curation. Not only to avoid unwanted content, but also to publish quality content from your users.

Through content curation, we will look for and select quality content.  Moderating tools can filter interesting content, to adjust it to the brand necessities and interests. This kind of tools allow you to monitor and analyse hashtags, geotags, mentions, words and social profiles.

With the help of our Cool Tabs Social Media Analytics service, you can curate content from your Social Media, as well as manage the data collected. Through these statistics and reports, you may find out things such as:

  • Your influencers.
  • Your Most Potential Contributors.
  • The percentage of engagement.
  • The evolution of organic, viral and total reach.

Benefits of User Generated Content for your brand or business

Reinforce the engagement

Besides encouraging your brand relationship with the customers, including the content that they generate in your marketing strategy gives your users a voice. You will boost them and other users to continue posting relevant content and, therefore, you’ll create a sense of community.

Measure the level of customer satisfaction

UGC is the perfect tool to know what your customers and users really think of your brand and your products and services. Through the content they share, you can implement social listening in your business.

Attract potential clients

Although brands post interesting content for their users, sometimes all this information looks like promotion or advertisement. Users always look for an extra value, demanding authenticity. UGC is the perfect way to create a sense of trust in your brand. Potential clients will make their purchase decisions based on the good experience or recommendations of other customers.

Increase your conversions

UGC contributes to increase credibility and trust in brands, which in turn increases the conversion rate.

Are you including User Generated Content in your marketing strategy?  Collect, filter and analyse your UGC with our Social Media Analytics service.

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