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How to Use UTM Tracking For Your Social Media Campaigns


The main objective of a campaign is to achieve the highest possible number of participants, regardless of whether these are unique users or repeated users (total), right? You can actually triple this figure with just one action by using a custom URL and using it for UTM tracking. At Cool Tabs, we’ll show you how to do just that!


We understand that you want to attract the largest number of users during your campaign, but… have you ever stopped to think about the fact that if, for example, you can only post it on Facebook, then the participation rate will be lower than if you posted it on several social media profiles?

And you’ll ask yourself… won’t I lose data if I post my campaign on different sites with a custom URL? No! With the statistics offered by Cool Tabs, you can know where each click comes from and improve your UTM tracking.

UTM Tracking: Link Campaign

You already know that you should always tag your URLs with different UTMs and then analyze the sources that have produced the most traffic, both in Google Analytics and in our own platform, for a correct UTM tracking. For each source and campaign that you are going to use to publicize your action (Facebook Ads, Adwords, or simply a tweet), we will provide you with a different link with our custom URL generator.  Thus, when you access your Cool Tabs statistics, you can get detailed information on each campaign and you’ll know which source has brought the most traffic and the highest return on investment (ROI). You’ll finally be able to find out whether the ads on Facebook Ads, Adwords, promotional posts or newsletters have worked as you expected. Let us help you figure out which sources are most valuable to you!

It’s important to keep in mind that you can only carry out a custom links campaign for UTM tracking with our Gold or Diamond plans, since it is only available for our Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label applications.

Campaign Statistics for UTM tracking

When you do a campaign with us, you’ll be able to go to infinity and beyond! You’ll be able to know who the participants are, who visits your campaign or which users have voted, in the case of voting contests.

You’ll have the ability to carry out a comprehensive analysis and UTM tracking of everything that’s going on in your campaign. All thanks to the use of the custom URL. You’ll know what your ROI is and, most importantly, which sources of traffic are providing you with the greatest return on investment.

If you want to do a campaign but you’re not interested in knowing which site generates the most traffic, you can use a generic link. But if you want to know which sources are most frequently used to access your campaign, you’ll have to use a custom URL.

For example, if you are a spa franchise and you want to activate your social media profiles and your stores, you could carry out an opinion poll + giveaway with us. In addition to discovering the needs and complaints expressed by your clients, this will also make the number of followers on your social networks soar.

How to interpret the data

Once you have included the custom links on the platforms where you are going to promote your campaign and you start to get participants, you’ll be able to see the evolution of the statistics in Cool Tabs: which source has the most visits, who has participated and how, in order to do a correct UTM tracking. 

We’re going to show you an example of a real campaign that was done in March of 2018. When you go to your Statistics Panel, the first thing you’ll find is the number of participants you’ve received throughout the month.

UTM Tracking: number of participants

3590 is the number of participants the campaign has received in total, but of that number, 2520 people have participated only once (one-time participants). The difference between these two figures is the number of users who have tried their luck several times. We also give you the number of people who have reached the campaign through a third party or referrals.

Cool Tabs offers you the campaign’s final conversion, but it also offers you the ability to check this rate every day. Thus, you’ll be able to know how many users have entered your action and have successfully completed it.

UTM Tracking: Participants per hour

If you do a custom URL campaign for a long period of time like a month, it would be convenient for you to observe at what time participation has increased during the first week and then take this data into account when making future posts for the same campaign. The same goes for the days of the week.

If you want to do a giveaway in which, in addition to having one or more winners, you also reward the user who has obtained the most referrals, you can do so by looking in the statistics panel.


And finally, we are going to show you our pie chart, in which the custom URL comes into play. Here you can see from which social network (and link) the greatest number of users are reaching the campaign. In this case, the prize goes to the Facebook Ads posts that were made on the Facebook wall.

In short, with this custom URL for UTM tracking feature, you can know which social media platforms are working best and which ones aren’t. You will also have more details on your ROI so that you can plan your campaigns according to the conversion you get with each platform.

Come on, now’s the time to go ahead and create your campaign with a custom URL. We’ll leave you with this tutorial on how to create a link campaign with Cool Tabs>>

And find out more about how to plan your social media campaigns according to your goals >>


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