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Wall competitions vs. Cool Tabs Applications

Cool Tabs Applications vs Wall competitions

Cool Tabs Applications vs Wall competitions

Last week we told you the big news: Facebook allows users to create wall competitions without the need to use external applications. Is this good news? Of course it is! Now Facebook offers more options for brands and this is always a positive thing, because it means Facebook won’t stop you choosing the alternative that best suits your purposes. Having said that, we are now going to explain when it’s best for you to create a wall competition and when you should rather go for an application created by Cool Tabs.

Wall competitions

This is an ideal way to run quick and easy competitions with two basic objectives: To increase engagement with your page fans and to create buzz in Facebook.

How do users participate? The complete competition progress takes place in theFacebook page:

  • Users can post on the brand’s page.
  • Users can ‘Like’ a post that has been specially created for the competition.
  • Users can comment on that page post.
  • Users can utilise the ‘Like’ button as a voting mechanism (i.e. The comment with the most likes‘ wins).
  • Users can send a private message to the page.

How can you administer the competition? With WallPromo, a free application that makes it easier for you to administer user participation, votes (if any), and winner selection.

Using Cool Tabs applications to run competitions

Any of the our applications can allow you to follow a more comprehensive social media strategy than that of simply publishing the competition on your page timelineWhat objectives can Cool Tabs apps achieve that wall competitions can’t?

1.  Engaging users and attracting new fans.

With our applications, not only can you increase engagement with users who are already fans of your page, but you can also attract new fans. This is due to the fact that users can share the contest or participation on their walls, that is, they can use the virality tools made available byFacebook or other social network, in order for the competition to reach more people. This means that if a new user hears about the competition from a friend and wants to participate, our app can ask him/her to become fan of the page in order to participate, so that you attract a new fan.

2. Gathering user email addresses and other relevant information to grow your database and send emails / newsletters.

Our applications help you gather user email addresses, as well as other details that you can ask users to provide when they fill in the participation form, such us their birthday dates, ID No., telephone number, gender, country, city, etc. This can be very useful to have a more detailed profile of users and be able to send them emails at a later stage. Also, you can give them the option to subscribe to your newsletter in the participation form, for example. This contributes to grow your community and helps you reach users from different channels, thanks to the information you gather from them.

3. Accepting legal terms.

In competitions posted on the wall, participants don’t need to accept any terms. However, this can be something very important in some countries, depending on its regulations in the field. If you create the competition with aCool Tabs application, you can include customised terms and conditions for your contest in the legal terms, that users have to admit in order to take part in the competition. For example, you can inform users that their photos, videos or details could be used for commercial purposes.

4. Detailed participant and voter statistics.

Our apps feature detailed reports about the promotion or competition: Participant details, voter details, competition audience, attracted fans, etc. Moreover, these reports can be downloaded to be sent to your customers or to increase your database. In addition to this, if you want more detailed statistics, our applications allow users to include Google Analytics to better measure the impact of a promotion.

5. Contest segmentation.

A social network strategy can involve launching a contest in which all users can participate. However, if your campaign has different purposes and you wish to segment the competition, you will need to use our applications. This means that you can restrict access to the competition to people from a particular area or age. Then, each user can participate only one time or several times.

6. A competition with a start and an end date.

When you post a competition on your page wall, even if you include a start and end date, users will still be able to take part in the competition or post comments when the promotion has ended. However, our applications allow you to establish the dates for your competition and to set up separate participation and voting date limits. This can be very useful if one of the purposes of your campaign is to raise expectation.

7. No tricks!

Unlike competitions posted in page timelines, our applications feature anti-fraud tools so that contest votes and participation are as reliable as possible.

8. Ensuring fair winner(s) selection.

With our apps the winner can be selected randomly, from the participants you decide, or through the use of some filters , so that it is easier for you to make that choice. This option is not very clear in wall competitions, in which participation usually means clicking on ‘Like’ or commenting on a post, unless you use our WallPromo application.

9. Rewarding users for referred traffic or participation.

A good strategy to achieve virality and attract new fans is to reward participants that spread the word, those who share your contest or their participation on their walls and invite friends to participate, for example. Rewarding users for referred traffic is only possible if you use applications for promotions and competitions.

10. Attracting Twitter or Instagram participants.

What happens if you want to get more followers on Twitter or Instagram, but you still publish the contest on Facebook to create more impact? A good social media strategy can’t be focused on Facebook only. Instead, we recommend you attract and engage followers in other social networks, with actions such as competitions and promotions, which increase engagement  beyond THE Social Network.

Other advantages of using our apps as opposed to creating wall competitions

Other advantages of using our apps as opposed to creating wall competitions

  • Customised look & feel: With applications Cool Tabs, you choose the layout, according to the user experience you have in mind. Not all competitions need to look the same and creativity is the secret to make them unique.
  • Many different types of promotions and competitions: As seen earlier on, competitions posted on a page timeline are not very versatile. We offer a wide range of possibilities to entertain and build up a strong relationship with your users: Take a look at this.
  • International competitions or competitions targeting different countriesCool Tabs allows you to manage promotions in different languages, so that your competition is translated into the language used by the users you want to reach.
  • Posting in multiple channels or multi-channel option: Our applications allow you to post your promos on a customised url, on Facebook, on your website, on your blog, etc. You are free to publish them on whichever channel you think is best for you to spread the word. Moreover, as it is the case of wall competitions, you can access them from a mobile device thanks to the customised url page we provide contest administrators.
  • Viral action taken by users is rewardedd: You can make users score points for sharing the contest, so that they are encouraged to increase virality. The winner will be the participant who takes the most action, so that he or she doesn’t need to be selected randomly.

These are just some of the advantages associated with our applications, if you are willing to achieve more ambitious objectives in social media. You can combine them both – wall competitions and our apps – and use them according to the results you want to achieve. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.

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