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Do you want to know how many participants in your promotion you have gotten thanks to Facebook Ads?

Know the real conversion rate of Facebook Ads in your campaign

Know the real conversion rate of Facebook Ads in your campaign

Many of you normally share the Facebook competitions and special offers you create with our platform, commissioning adverts on Facebook Ads, a strategy that usually works very well in most cases. However, we never knew how well this strategy worked. Until now.

Know the real conversion rate of Facebook Ads in your campaign

In order to know how many users have participated in your promotion after clicking on a Facebook Ads advert, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Create a new conversion pixel

This is very easy. Click on “Conversion Tracking” on the Facebook Ads menu.It will take you to this page, displayed in the image below, where you can see the button “Create Conversion Pixel”.

Conversion Tracking: Create Conversion Pixel

Accept the terms and conditions of the service. You will be asked to provide a name and to select a category. You can name it, for instance, “Participants”, and in the Category field you must choose:  Registration” or “Leads.

Name and category for your new pixel

You will get a code similar to this one, and you will just have to copy the number that appears after “window._fbq.push([‘track’, ” to complete the next step.

Copy ID of Conversion Pixel

2. Include your conversion pixel in your promotion or contest

The number copied from the previous code must be included in your promotion’s set-up form, in the field named: Facebook Conversion Tracking ID (in the section ‘Participation dates and configuration’). This option is only available for Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label.

Cool Tabs: Facebook Conversion Tracking ID

3. Check your conversion rate in your Adverts Manager in Facebook Ads

The two previous steps let you check how the conversion rate increases as new participants take part in your promotion from Facebook Ads. Finally, you will be able to know the real conversion!

Conversions in Facebook Ads

<h3>How many visitors or voters have learned about my promotion through Facebook Ads?</h3>

If, besides the conversion rate, that is, the participants coming through Facebook Ads, you want to have access to more data, you can create a customised campaign through our platform.

In this post, we explain how a customised campaign is created: Launch a media strategy and find out the value of your campaign ROI.

Once created, you will just have to include the link we will show you on Facebook Ads and you will know how many visits and votes reach you through this path. You can get this information by accessing your Cool Stats 3.0 Essentials panel.

Participations sources in your promotion

Create a promotion now with Cool Tabs and find out your real conversion rate through Facebook Ads >>

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