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We launch the first application to create contests with Instagram videos

Video contests for Instagram

We launch the first application to create contests with Instagram videos

Last Thursday the 20th of June, a new Instagram update allowing users to upload 15 seconds long videos was made available. This brought about such an instagrammeing revolution that 5 million videos were uploaded in this social networking site during the first 24 hours. Among these videos, many were from brands which didn’t want to miss the this opportunity.

And what did WE do? What we did was…

To update our InstaPromo so that you can start creating Instagram videos contests right now!

The time is now! Now we are all very excited with Instagram videos, it would be a great idea for your brand to create a contest!

In case you cannot come up with all the advantages of launching a video contest in Instagram now here you have some ideas:

  • This is completely new, no one has ever done this before.
  • Now we are all beginners (well, some of us not that much as we’ve been using Vine), we are in the same league.
  • Taking advantage of this opportunity will help your brand project the image of a company that is at the cutting edge of technology, you’ll be the first one ever.
  • Increase your engagement: Your users must be veeeery happy trying this new option from Instagram. So, if you do decide to launch a contest, this will give them the perfect opportunity to keep on trying, thus building up a strong relationship between the brand and its audience.

What does our InstaPromo have to offer now?

  • You can create a photo contest in Instagram.
  • You can create a video contest in Instagram.

Both the photo and the video contest feature two different formats:

  • Standard photo or video contest, where you can contribute a photo or a video that you have previously published in Instagram.
  • Photo or video contest for files posted with a hashtag , where users need to take a picture or record a video related to the theme of the contest and, also, add whatever hashtag you decide. This option drives users to participate and has the additional advantage that, when clicking on the hashtag you’ve chosen for the contest, users will be able to see other users’ contributions, allowing for more virality in this social network.

As we have already stated in previous posts, with InstaPromo you can decide whether or not to create your contest inFacebook. What does being in or out of Facebook imply? We refresh your memory:

  • InstaPromo in Facebook: It works as any of our previous applications. The promotion is published on a Facebook tab and you get the usual “share with your friends”, “post on your wall”, and “like” options; and any other action linked to THE Social Network. In addition to publishing it on the tab, you can post it on your website, blog, etc., thanks to our multi-channel service at no additional cost.  These are the good things about this option: It’s easier to spread the word on Facebook and allows you to get more “likes” for your page. This option also helps promote the engagement with the users who are already fans of your page.
  • InstaPromo out of Facebook: We provide the details of the url where the promo will be published so that you can share it on your website, blog, etc. Even though this other option also includes spreading the word in Twitter or Facebook, it doesn’t feature all the default actions allowed by this social network. The difference or the advantage over the previous option is that the promo won’t be limited to Facebook users.

Would you like to see how contributions with an Instagram video look like?

Visit our sample InstaPromo: Instagram Photo Contest . Here you will see the video we have contributed or you can upload your own video to see how great it looks :)

Here you have the tutorial for InstaPromo, to answer any questions you may have.

Get started with your first InstaPromo >>

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