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What are the advantages of using White Label on your promos?

Advantages of using white label applications

Advantages of using white label applications

It has been proven that customers respond better to custom applications than to standard ones. Using Marca Blanca, or White Label, has differential advantages over the other Cool-Tabs applications. But what does White Label offer that others don’t? This question is very easy to answer: A more viral, bespoke campaign that allows you to have complete control of it.

White Label enables a wider engagement and thus a more successful campaign. Let’s make it concrete with an example. The way Get Fan Promo and Buzz Promo work is based upon the viralisation of the promotion through the participation of users and their friends. We have analysed all the promotions where these Cool-Tabs applications were used. The following results have been reported:

–  Without White Label. Users sending out invites to participate to friends only get 1.65% of them to participate.

–  With White Label. This figure increases to 4.95%.

This increase in participation is due to the bespoke promotion. Thanks to White Label, the way invites are seen on Facebook throughout this application is different from the way we see them when using standard applications. Let’s explain this with a graphic example.

When you invite your friends to participate through the standard Get Fans Promo application, this is how they see it:

Invitation Get Fans Promo without white label

However, when you use the Get Fans Promo White Labelapplication, users receive a custom invitation, similar to this one, which promotes participation:

Invitation with White Label

Moreover, you can give the campaign a name, so that when a user clicks the “like” button of the application or shares it on his/her wall, a custom visualisation is be created.

If the promotion is created using a standard Cool Promo application, reference to Cool-Tabs is made as part of the message.

The Cool Promo White Label application allows you to produce a fully-customised message.

But this application without the slightest reference to Cool-Tabs is not only evident when sharing the promotion on the wall or sending out invitations to friends. This is also reflected on the application’s application. When using White Label only the content you have chosen will be seen:

However, if a standard label is used various references to Cool-Tabs will be found.

Another benefit of using White Label is that it enables you to have full control over the promotion, allowing you to integrate it on your own Facebook application. This also allows you to chose a name for the application. The great impact that this bespoke application has on your campaign can be monitored thanks to the Facebook insights.

Another aspect to consider is the change on the tab’s design which is part of the default settings that are visible on the Facebook’s page timeline. Moreover, you can customise the little icon on the bottom left of the main tab.

If you are using Buzz Promo and Cool Promo, choosing White Label will also enable a considerably improved optimisation of the promotion’s results. The most clear example is the possibility to add comments from users and automatically publish users’ participations on their walls.

As you can see, the advantages of choosing the Cool-Tabs White Label over the standard application have been clearly demostrated. Now you just need to try it and see the results. Good luck with your campaign!

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