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Your competitions now also available on your website

How to embed your competition on your web

How to embed your competition on your web

We present a new function that will allow you to integrate the contests and promos you design into your Facebook page, your blog, website, online store, or corporate website. A perfect mix, isn’t it? ;)

This will allow you to:

  • Integrate your social media strategy into your own website.
  • Drive customers and users to your website using the campaign designed to attract them.
  • Offer promos and discount vouchers to customers and display them on nearly any online format, such as your own online store.
  • Avoid complicated and expensive functions when designing a contest or launching a promo from your website. This function allows you to use a wide range of applications to design your promotion and then integrate it into your website.
  • Make your website be a “social website”. Besides the variety of existing options to integrate social buttons into your website, you can now include and display your own contest too.
  • Advertise your competitions all over the bloggers network. Work with partners to be able to display your contests on other websites in exchange of a little percent per any contribution you get.

To sum up, with this function, social media campaigns become visible not only on any social network site or on the microsite that is provided by Cool Tabs, but they are also available at any online showcase, making them become ideal platforms to show your promos.

Aspects you need to take into account when displaying the competitions on your website

  • The space you allow on your website for the contests can have the size that you consider. You will be able to change and adjust the iframe size so that the competitions can be visualised from your website as you had thought. We will tell you how to do it below.
  • The authentication to participate in the competition is what you have chosen in the “Access to the promotion” section. However, the promotion will be visible to all users visiting your page.
  • Can I recommend my social profiles to users who participate in the promotion from my website? That’s entirely up to you! This is something you can decide on when setting up your promotion.
  • Which apps feature this functionality? This option is available for our applications Cool Promo and its White Label version.

How can you integrate your promotion into your website?

It’s very easy. You just need to follow these steps:

1. Access your contents from your client area.

Cool Tabs' dashboard

2. Choose the campaign you want to integrate into your website and click on the option Content Info.


3. Click ‘Embed widget option’ in the menu on the right, change the width and height to adapt it to space of your website, copy the code displayed and paste it on the website where you want to show your promo.

Embed widget

Content Widget

4. And there you go! Here is the result

Embed your campaign on your web

Create now your competition with Cool Tabs and embed it on your web >>

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