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Engagement, one of the most valued things in Social Marketing

Engagement, one of the most valued in Social Marketing

In Cool Tabs we see every day how our applications intensify the engagement between brands and consumers and that pleases us. Our goal is that our applications serve as tools to build strong and enduring ties, for that and to help you so, we highlight some recommendations taken out of the research done by Ideonomía aimed at analyzing how leading companies favor the engagement on Facebook. For this, Ideonomía has been taken into account more than 400.000 interactions of 58 brands of top 6 sectors with Internet activity and have an active presence on Facebook in Spain.

5 keys to encourage engagement

1. The fans never cease activity during the weekend, so our fan page should continue to promote the interaction with users, because, as indicated Ideonomía in their study, Saturdays the level of interaction from the fans kept respect to the rest of the week and on Sundays even grows.

2. Lunch time is the time to interact on Facebook. The highest rate of interaction per publication is achieved from 13:00 to 15:00 hours.

3. The publications, better with pictures. 77% of the interactions taking place in publications that include an image.

4. The content with links does not generate greater engagement, but, as is inevitable that we include links to promote our content, contests, campaigns, etc., in the case of including a link is preferable not to use a shortened link, the better the full url. The average of interactions per publication without shortening is 117, compared to 65 with shortened link, according to this study.

5. A word to the wise is sufficient. The less characters we use in our update on Facebook, more interactions will.

You can consult the full study of Ideonomía for more information: “Claves para generar engagement en Facebook“ (only in Spanish).

About engagement, it is also interesting to take a look at the winners of this year in Facebook Studio Awards, as they are a showcase of the best that has been done until January 2013 on Facebook to help connect businesses with users. Learn from the best and create a strong bond with your fans!

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