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Reference guide on Facebook images

Infography: Images sizes - Facebook

Facebook has changed its fan pages’ design and we are gradually seeing it on some business sites. That’s why we must get used to the new size of the images that are displayed in our publications, both in our Facebook  page and in the new feed or timeline, where users can see our publications.

In order to do so, to adapt your creativity skills to the new design, we have created an infography where you can see a detailed preview of your publications when you share a promotion link, for instance, or when you post a pic, a video or an event. Therefore, if you take into account the dimensions of the different images and the way these images are previewed in your Facebook wall, you will be able to update your page in a more detailed way. In this infography, moreover, we point out the differences between viewing the Facebook timeline from the desktop or from mobile devices.

Here is the infography with all the sizes you need to improve your communication on Facebook:

Infography: Images sizes - Facebook

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